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If you ever found yourself in an unfortunate situation where medical care was needed, but you were miles away from any known hospital - what would you do? Thinking about who to choose for your Air Ambulance provider may not seem like a high priority - until you need one. But, AeroCare has got you covered, providing flights nationally, internationally, and commercially to get you or your loved one where they need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible with their fleet of fully equipped fixed wing learjets, expert medical teams, and dedicated service.

If you love your rural home town, but don’t want to sacrifice access to premium medical facilities, or if you’re waiting for an organ transplant, but don’t want to uproot and move to be near the right hospital when the time comes - AeroCare is there for that. If you happened to be hiking in the wilderness while on your international vacation and disaster struck, leaving you with a broken leg and no way home - AeroCare is there for that. Whether it’s a full blown emergency, a special circumstance, or an international evacuation, there is a flight with your name on it. If you have a medical reason that keeps you from flying on a commercial airline, there are options for you too. The closest medical center may not have the exact amenities for every situation, but AeroCare gives you peace of mind by making the whole nation’s wealth of medical care facilities available for your individual needs.

Why Choose AeroCare? Is it the best option for an Indiana Resident?

Not only is AeroCare a nationally accredited by CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems), but every one of their professionally trained medical crews, pilots, and medically equipped learjets adhere to the highest CAMTS standards. With three strategically placed centers around the U.S., AeroCare has access to the entire country and can not only get to you efficiently, but also get you where you need to go in a safe and swift manner. Their established worldwide international relations also make foreign negotiations and extractions as smooth as possible.Operating for over 22 years, AeroCare is dedicated to treating each and every patient like one of their own. Their medical team remains with the patient from beginning to end with their bedside to bedside service for a seamless and secure experience.

While good health is a blessing, it is not always a guarantee. But, don’t let the idea of limited medical access keep you from living your life how you want to. You can minimize your risk from anywhere by having an AeroCare plan already in place. Check out the life-saving testimonies of the 10, 000 patients they’ve transported so far, and give them a call to find out how AeroCare can work with your insurance.

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