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Choosing the Best Travel Medical Insurance for Your Needs

June 18, 2019

When setting up a trip to travel abroad, an often overlooked but critical element is travel medical insurance. This is additional insurance you can purchase above and beyond your traditional health insurance policy. Travel medical insurance is vital in the event you become incapacitated during your travel and are unable to return back to your country of origin on the commercial transportation you booked.

People often wrongfully assume, when checking out online, to add $40 a day travel insurance that will also cover them if they need medical assistance or repatriation. This last minute offer you get upon check out is “Travel or Trip Insurance” and not Medical Travel Insurance. There are many differences. Travel or Trip Insurance covers just that, instances where you may have lost a hotel reservation, misplaced luggage or missed a connecting flight. Medical Travel Insurance covers you if you have a medical emergency abroad, become ill or get into an accident. They often don’t cover dental emergencies but will cover the hospital expenses in the region you’re traveling to. In some policies, you need to read fine print and see if they are a reimbursement policy only. Meaning they will have you pay all medical bills up front to the provider and you can submit to the carrier when your stateside, be aware they still decide if its medically necessary and opt to reimburse if full or partial.

Who should buy Travel medial insurance?

The short answer is everyone. Here are examples of situations that would most defeatedly need to buy it ; uninsured persons traveling for vacations, missionaries, ex patriots working for foreign entities, those with preexisting medical needs, families with small children, those with rare medical conditions, visitors to the US for work or schooling, foreign aid workers, contract workers in high risk or high conflict zones.

How do I know I have picked a good company?

Make sure the company has no exclusions for preexisting conditions and be sure to ask what insurance company is underwriting the actual policy. Double-check that they will rapidly secure and deploy an air ambulance company such as Aerocare, and not make you wait until there is a cheaper alternative such as an empty leg (plane and crew are already nearby). Ask the provider what air ambulance companies they directly work with. Never go with a company that forces you to pre-pick an amount of coverage, chances are even when picking the highest amount they will still tell you they are unable to find any providers for you. Go with a company that offers flexible coverage both annually and one-time trip insurance. Discuss with the provider if they cover your medical bills in the hospital along with medication and testing costs associated with your stay.

In conclusion, the best adage says “it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it” we have linked some of our favorite providers in this article as well for you to peruse.