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What Is International Medevac?

November 28, 2016

By Doug Swan

You may recall news of jets transporting patients during the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014 and 2015. These patients were being transported on specially-configured business jets. Medically-configured medical business jets like the Learjet 35, Lear 31, Lear 55, and similar models are the most commonly used business jets used for medical evacuation or medevac transportation flights. But serious outbreaks of viruses are not the only time these international medevac aircraft are used. In fact international medevac flights take place every day from all over the US to worldwide destinations.

AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance has transported thousands of patients transported thousands of patients in their 22 years of operation; many of whom were in foreign countries and needed to be medically evacuated back to the US.

When Do You Need International Medical Evacuation?

Today people are traveling more than ever. Frequent travelers and people like travel bloggers and travel photographers are some groups that are globetrotting around the world writing about and taking photographs of beautiful destinations many of us dream to see. But with more travel to remote and exotic destinations comes the risk for more accidents and illness to occur. Many who travel frequently are unaware that typically the medical insurance they have in the US may not cover them in other countries. If you become ill or injured while traveling what would you do? Have you ever seriously sat down and thought about the cost involved? Some have and they have purchased travel insurance. This insurance can be useful if you get sick in a foreign country. But what most travelers may not consider is that the healthcare in a foreign country may not be as good as what they are used to in the states. If you’re hospitalized and the care is not what you expect your first thought may be how do I get home? If you’re seriously ill or injured an cannot fly back home on a commercial flight this is when you may need international medical evacuation.

How Do I Find International Medical Evacuation Transportation?

If you have purchased travel insurance before you traveled the policy may include air medical evacuation transportation (air ambulance service). Each company and policy is different. You will need to contact the insurance company to see if you’re covered and what fixed-wing air medical flight providers they use. If you don’t have travel insurance with fixed-wing medevac flight coverage you’ll need to start researching what the best companies’ are and who can fly you internationally. It’s a good idea to have already done your research ahead of time and written down a few reputable air ambulance companies contact information, or stored it in your phone. Unfortunately, most travelers don't this and have to turn to the internet to search for international air medevac transport providers. The task of navigating through all the companies you find online and knowing the right one to pick can a be a daunting task for most. Fortunately, we have some tips for you.

How Do I Choose The Best International Medevac Service?

We’ve compiled a few tips to narrow your choices for finding air medevac transportation quickly. Here they are:

1. Go with a provider, not a broker. Brokers are the middle-man and charge a finders-fee.

2. Use a CAMTS accredited provider. The CAMTS accreditation is the “Gold-Standard.”

3. Use an experienced company with their own medical crews. How long have they been in business?

4. Ask if they have a contract and how long it is. Beware of something so long you need a lawyer to understand it.

5. If paying out of pocket, ask if there are any hidden fees besides what they quote you.

6. If your insurance doesn’t cover you, it really doesn't cover you. Beware of those who say they’ll will bill your insurance anyway.

7. Do they have a perfect safety record?

8. Do they offer bedside-to-bedside service?

9. Do they arrange and coordinate everything for you?

10. Do they have a medical director on staff that oversees every patient and transport?

These are the top 10 questions you should ask when you are looking for how to hire an air medical transportation company. Asking these key questions should put you on the right track.

Fortunately, there is a company that meets all of these very important criteria. That company is AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance Service. AeroCare provides domestic and international air medical evacuation (medevac) using their fleet of Learjet air ambulances. They will fit the right aircraft and crew to your needs and fly you home safely. When you contact AeroCare an Aeromedical Case Manager will ask you a series of questions and coordinate your international medevac flight for you every step of the way, so you or your family can rest easy. You can contact AeroCare internationally at 630-466-0900, in the US at 800-823-1911 or request a free international medevac transport quote online here.