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Who Is On Your Air Ambulance

May 8, 2019

Who is on the flight & what are their credentials?

Each AeroCare flight has two pilots aboard. Typically, our medical personnel composition is a Critical Care Flight RN and a Critical Care Paramedic. All staff are required to have a minimum of 2 plus years working in a critical care, flight, trauma or 911 environment. However, if the clinical condition of the patient warrants other expertise, we also have a staff of highly trained Critical Care Respiratory Therapists who can also become an adjunct to the regular team composition or used instead of the paramedic. Lastly, we have the ability to staff our planes with Nurse Practitioners or Medical Doctors, at the customers request.

Why do we choose to have them on the flights?

The team composition we have chosen lends well to our autonomous environment. Being able to function at 40,000 feet without the walls of an Emergency Room, Intensive Care/Cardiac Care Unit or Neonatal Nursey is paramount to the success of the patient. Registered Nurses are a standard discipline within the aeromedical industry. They have different skill set requirements than they normally have within a tertiary care center. AeroCare spends time training these RN’s on flight physiology, which encompasses what happens to certain systemic disease processes at altitude. Additionally, invasive skills that are required in dire situations are required and we extensively train for them throughout the year. Paramedics are used to environments outside of the hospital. They thrive in autonomous “street” scenarios that may not be the safest or savory. The collaborative approach to utilizing an RN and paramedic works well and they tend to complement each other in flight.

Respiratory Therapists are intricately involved in the human respiratory system and ventilatory management. When patients are newly placed on a ventilatory, and have increased demands or special needs, an RT may fill this bill. Additionally, our RT’s train the exact same ways as our RN’s and Paramedics so they are an integral part of our team.

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