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AeroCare Air Ambulance Attending ACMA 2016 Conference - Building Relationships With Case Managers

April 1, 2016


APRIL 1, 2016 - AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance will be attending the 2016 Annual Case Management Conference & Annual ACMA Meeting in Tampa, Florida – April 2nd -6th 2016.


Rebecca Werth, AeroCare’s VP of Clinical Operations says “AeroCare is a leader in the air medical transport industry because we conform to established guidelines, as set forth by regulation and accrediting bodies. AeroCare puts tremendous emphasis on staff training and safety, in order to ensure the highest level of care at 40,000 feet.”

Werth says “AeroCare has processes in place that allow for full disclosure of issues and troubleshoot them through safety committees and general operational planning. We take time and ensure their end customer is getting an appropriate aircraft. They ensure the patients are cared for by a team that is competent, professional, and which can address any medical issues that may come their way in a volatile aeromedical environment.”


AeroCare works closely with case managers everyday in their business and understands the important role case mangers play. Today, when managing healthcare costs and average length of stays, the case manager is the go-to person for coordinating all facets of the patient’s care, from admission through discharge.

AeroCare believes building strong relationships with case managers from around the country will benefit patients’ care and help case managers choose a safe, experienced, and reliable air ambulance provider.

Werth says “AeroCare recognizes that being able to provide a transport product that is proficient, reliable, safe, and looks at all aspects of the transport, including: aircraft, patient condition, financial, and provides a one-stop-shop service to that case manager is invaluable.”

Alex Quintana, AeroCare AeroMedical Case Manager will be attending the Conference in Tampa and representing AeroCare. Qunintana says “AeroCare works with case managers on a daily basis. We work with ICU case managers, coordinating an emergency transport for a transplant recipient, or coordinating the repatriation of a patient back to a foreign country. Case managers are the heart of what we do and we work to be an extension of them to make the transport coordination process and the air medical transport flight as seamless as possible. Case managers are the link between AeroCare and the patients we serve.”


Quintana went on to say, “It’s important for AeroCare to attend the ACMA Conference because it allows us to connect with our customers from all over the country in one location. Our ability to interact directly with case managers in person provides us a unique opportunity to share with them what AeroCare is all about, and what sets us apart from other air ambulance providers.”

“Many case managers are unaware of our transport capabilities and why selecting the right air ambulance service can make their jobs so much easier and provide a better outcome for the patient.

Being able to discuss with case managers the challenges they have faced with coordinating transports for their patients, allows us an opportunity to gain insight in to how we can improve our services and simplify the process for them,” he added.

AeroCare is excited that the 2016 ACMA Conference is being held in Tampa, Florida this year. AeroCare opened their third base of operations in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in December of 2015. Quintana says, “This puts us in a much better position to provide quicker transport response times at a more competitive rate.”