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AeroCare - CAMTS Accredited

June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016 - At AeroCare Air Ambulance you're not only treated like a member of our own family, but you're also flying with the safest air ambulance company in the world.


AeroCare takes safety seriously, that's why we strive to have the safest air ambulance program available. We do this by choosing to go through the most stringent accreditation process known as CAMTS. The CAMTS accreditation is not only the most difficult accreditation an air ambulance company can be awarded, but its the BEST. The CAMTS accreditation is considered the "Gold-Standard" in the air ambulance industry. Not all companies' qualify or meet the strick safety requirements and guidelins to be CAMTS accredited.

You can learn more about the CAMTS accreditation by visiting the CAMTS website. If you're shopping-around for an air ambulance company, be sure to ask if they're CAMTS accredited. If they aren't, ask them why? You should only trust your patient or loved-one with a CAMTS accredited provider.