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AeroCare Donates Flight For Ill 10-Year-Old-Boy To Bring Him Home

April 19, 2016

AeroCare is flying Chandyn Thompson home. Chandyn Thompson

APRIL 19, 2016 – When the Thompson family went on spring break vacation to Tampa, Florida with their daughter and 10-year-old son Chandyn, they weren’t expecting to come home on an air ambulance Learjet.

The Thompson’s are from Rockford, Michigan and before leaving on vacation their son Chandyn was perfectly healthy. According to the family, Chandyn became ill with headaches and vomiting while vacationing on Anna Maria Island. His parents did the smart thing and rushed him to the Tampa hospital where it was discovered he had a brain bleed. The cause being an arterionvenous malformation (AVM). AeroCare Aeromedical Case Manager Jennifer Etzel-Elaqad said the family saved their son’s life by getting him to the hospital fast. Chandyn had brain surgery and is now stable enough to be flown home.

The family faced the dilemma of how to get Chandyn home to the hospital in Michigan. He required an air medical transport on an air ambulance. The family started a GoFundMe account to try to raise the money for the flight. AeroCare’s CEO Joe CeCe was alerted of the Thompson’s situation and offered to fly Chandyn home for free. "On behalf of AeroCare's entire team, it is an honor to be able to help this family in their time of need, and we will do everything possible to provide a safe and comfortable aeromedical flight back to Michigan, where this child can be surrounded by family

and friends,'' said Cece.

Learjet 35A AeroCare's Florida based Learjet 35A will fly Chandyn home to Michigan

Chandyn will be flown on AeroCare’s Ft. Lauderdale based Learjet 35A with a crew of two AeroCare Medical Crew made up of AeroCare’s VP of Cinical Operations and Family Nurse Practitioner Becky Werth, Flight Nurse Keri Brach, and Flight Medic Eric Heetland. He’ll also be accompanied by his mother Randi Thomson.

The two-hour and 24-minute nonstop flight from Tampa to Gerald R. Ford International Airport will take place at 12:42 on April 20th. After the flight arrives the AeroCare team will transport Chandyn and his family to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids where Chandyn will continue his recovery. AeroCare wishes Chandyn and his family all our best for a speedy recovery.