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AeroCare Provides Organ Procurement Transportation

May 16, 2016

Organ Transportation

May 16, 2016 - AeroCare has more than 21 years of air ambulance experience and is recognized as a leading, accredited, worldwide air ambulance provider. However, are you aware that AeroCare also provides life-saving organ procurement transportation for the organ procurement community?

Special Operations Group

AeroCare has been providing air and ground transportation for OPO’s, transplant centers, and tissue banks for more than 15 years. AeroCare employs an organ transport team of experienced drivers. These drivers have years of experience in the emergency services industry, including fire, EMS, and law enforcement. The AeroCare organ transport team or Special Operations Group (SOG) transports organs and organ transplant teams. Time is critical when transporting organs so the SOG team utilizes a fleet of special organ transport vehicles.

Organ transport vehicle

Special Vehicles

The SOG team uses their fleet of specially outfitted Chevrolet Suburban’s. These special vehicles are equipped with emergency lights, sirens, and WIFI. The vehicles are much more comfortable and safer than traditional ground ambulances. If an organ and transplant team needs to be flown AeroCare utilizes their fleet of medical aircraft to get the job done.

Not only does the SOG team transport organ procurement teams and organs they also have the ability to transport patients that are in need of an organ transplant to any destination they need to get to. AeroCare's Special Operation Group is the "One-Call" transportation solution for the Organ Transplant Community. Please call 800-823-1911 for more information on how the Special Operations Group can assist your program with the safest and most reliable air and ground transportation solution.