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AeroCare Real Air Ambulance Patient Stories - Motocross Racer Wyatt Krampitz

March 2, 2016

Air Medical Transport Patient

By Doug Swan

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - In 2015 AeroCare Air Ambulance Service provided air medical transport for a young motocross racer who was suddenly stricken ill with carbon monoxide poisoning before an important race.

Today AeroCare released a new “AeroCare Real Patient Stories” video on the events that lead The Krampitz Family to reach out to AeroCare for a medical flight for their son. The video documents what happened to motocross racer Wyatt Krampitz.

In July 2015 Wyatt Krampitz of Waseca, Minnesota was about to race in the biggest motocross race of his life when tragedy struck. The avid, amateur motocross racer, whose passion has always been to race, had practiced for years to make it to the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship Motocross race.

Krampitz had gone to the race track in Tennessee, to set up the family’s motorhome campsite ahead of his parents. Later that day Krampitz’s parents found Krampitz in the motorhome unconscious. Carbon monoxide had leaked into the motorhome and poisoned Krampitz. The Krampitz family had to find safe air ambulance transportation on a fixed-wing air ambulance to bring Krampitz home to Minnesota.

Air Medical Tranport MedicsThe family reached out to AeroCare Air Ambulance. AeroCare transports critically ill and injured patients with the use of their fleet of medically-configured air ambulance Learjets. Each of these specially equipped Learjets are outfitted like a “flying ICU” with a medical stretcher, medical equipment, medicines, and supplies you would typically find in a hospital setting. The Learjets can fly at speeds of 500 mph and altitudes of 50,000 feet.

AeroCare transported Krampitz to Minnesota to recuperate. On board the flight Krampitz was comfortable well looked after by AeroCare’s professional medical crew. Krampitz’s family said “you could tell the AeroCare medical crews was very experienced right away.” “They kept Wyatt comfortable during the whole flight and were right there for him. Krampitz says doctors initially told him “I wouldn’t be able to walk or talk again, but thanks to AeroCare getting me home, I’m able to do all the things I love again, and I’m really excited to be racing motocross again.”

Entering its 21st year of operations, AeroCare Air Ambulance is a CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems) accredited fixed-wing air ambulance provider with bases in Chicago and Scottsdale. AeroCare flies air ambulance patients throughout the world utilizing a fleet of aero-medically equipped aircraft including Learjet and Beechcraft King-Air aircraft. AeroCare’s 24 hour Communication Center can be reached by calling 800-823-1911 or if outside the US or Canada by calling +1 (630) 466-0900. For more information visit