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AeroCare's Baby Reese Miracle Mission Video and Blog Feature in AirMed & Rescue Magazine

March 25, 2016

Baby Reese being loaded onto AeroCare’s LearjetBY DOUG SWAN

March 25, 2016 – AeroCare recently released a video for their series entitled “Real Air Ambulance Patient Stories.” The “Baby Reese Miracle Mission” was the true story of an infant with a brain tumor that desperately needed treatment at a medical facility in another state. However, the parents could not afford to fly their baby on an air ambulance.

AeroCare’s CEO Joe CeCe said “We have to save that child, lets do the flight at no charge for the family.”

AeroCare’s expert team arranged the flight and bedside-to-bedside service on one of their medically configured Learjets from Phoenix, Arizona to Nashville, Tennessee. The flight was a success and Reese was able to receive the treatment he needed. As of today AeroCare is told Reese’s tumor has not grown and he’s developing normally.


The story of Baby Reese is a touching one and on March 18, 2016 AirMed & Rescue Magazine featured the story.

The article and video can be seen on AirMed & Rescue Magazine’s website at:

The Baby Reese Miracle Mission is also featured on AeroCare’s website at: