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AeroCare's Best Safe Travel Tips

November 22, 2016


By Doug Swan

The holiday travel season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times during the year. We at AeroCare Air Ambulance want you to travel safely and avoid illness or injuries, so we’ve compiled a list of safe travel tips for you and your loved ones.

1. First, you want to avoid unneeded stress when you travel. A good way to avoid stress is plan ahead. Make lists before your trip so you don’t forget import items. A packing list will assure you don’t forget something important like your child’s favorite stuffed animal, medications or that book you want to read.

2. Another tip to avoid stress is if you’re traveling by air; pack your important electronics, documents, and medications in your carry-on. If your checked bags get lost, you’ll have the important things with you.

3. Leave plenty of time to get to the airport. I know this sounds simple, but this can save you a lot of stress. Lines are longer this time of year; parking lots are more full. Don’t rush. You don’t want to get in an accident.

4. If you’re driving somewhere instead of flying, check the weather, bring a small first aid kit, flashlight, matches, warm clothes, bottled water, and some food. People have been known to get lost in snowstorms and get stranded if their car breaks down. These survival items could save you life.

5. Stay hydrated, particularly if you’re traveling by plane on long flights. Also, get up and move during your flight if it’s a long one. Sitting for a long time on a plane is not good. It can sometimes cause blood clots.

6. Tell a friend or family member your travel plans, so someone knows where you are. This is important if you were to ever get stranded in a snowstorm.

7. Wash your hand often. Airports, cabs, and airplanes can be filled with germs and diseases. Wash your hands with warm, clean water and soap and carry some antibacterial gel with you.

8. Keep warm. This time of year people, particularly the elderly get sick. If you’re traveling somewhere cold, dress in layers and stay warm and dry.

9. Be careful if you’re traveling somewhere that’s not familiar or trying some new activity. Wear helmets if riding bikes, skateboarding or participating in other sports.

10. Holiday food. Make sure your holiday food is cooked properly to the right temperature. Wash your hands when handling raw meat, and don’t cross-contaminate raw foods with other food.

11. Watch your children. You may be in unfamiliar surroundings and your kids may want to explore. Be aware of where they are at all times, particularly around water.

12. Have a fun holiday time. Stay active and get exercise, don’t over indulge, but if you do, never drink and drive.

We hope you find these holiday travel safety tips helpful. We always want people to travel safely, but we recognize accidents and illness do occur and that’s why we provide the services we do. Our last tip is we hope you never need an air ambulance transport, but if you do, please keep our information in your phone or somewhere safe. AeroCare is available for you 24/7/365 to provide expert, safe, medevac air ambulance transportation. You can reach us at 800-823-1911 or at We wish you safe holiday travels!