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AeroCare's New Florida Base Helps Patients In Foreign Countries

March 28, 2016

AeroCare Learjet 35ABY DOUG SWAN

MARCH 28, 2016 - It’s been three months since AeroCare Air Ambulance opened its new base in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. AeroCare added this third base of operations to its two already existing bases in Scottsdale, AZ and Chicago, Illinois. The Florida base allows AeroCare to strategically serve patients on the east coast, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central, and South America.

LearjetAeroCare's Florida Lear 35A can reach patients in Caribbean, Mexico, Central, and South America


The Ft. Lauderdale base is located at Ft. Lauderdale’s Executive Airport (FXE). AeroCare has a Learjet 35A permanently assigned to the Ft. Lauderdale base. The Learjet 35A is configured like a “flying ICU” with medical equipment you would find in a hospital. The Learjet 35A has a max speed of 530 mph, a max range of 2,500 statute miles and a max altitude of 45,000 feet. The Lear 35A medical jet is made for speed and comfort.

Lear Private Jet


The AeroCare Learjet 35A boasts an onboard medical stretcher that allows the patient to lie down comfortably for the entire medical flight. There’s room for a family member to accompany the patient. There are two medical crew the accompany the patient on each AeroCare air medical flight. Every flight is piloted by two highly experienced AeroCare pilots, consisting of a Captain and First Officer. AeroCare’s medical team is with the patient for each part of the transport, both on the ground and in the air.


The Ft. Lauderdale base is a perfect location to be able to serve patients internationally in a timely manor. Because of the speed of the AeroCare Learjet 35A, the medical team can reach the patient fast and fly them to their destination in rapidly. Since the base went into operation just a few short months ago AeroCare’s Florida team has flown patients from Guatemala, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, Cancun, El Salvador, Haiti, and Honduras. Because of the close proximity of the Florida base to these regions, the Florida team can quickly reach patients with any type of medical condition or emergency, that need to be flown to a medical facility in the US or other country.

AeroCare Medical CrewSAFETY FIRST

AeroCare has been in business more than 21 years and has a perfect safety record. Their command center is open 24 hours a day, year round and manned by professional Aeromedical Case Managers that provide customers with a fast air ambulance flight quote and excellent customer service. AeroCare prides themselves on friendly, helpful customer service and honest, upfront pricing. Patient safety is the number one priority at AeroCare. All medical crew must be highly experienced prior to being hired by AeroCare. They go through extensive training and attend quarterly continued education training. In Florida there’s no exception. The base is manned by expert pilots and highly trained flight nurses and flight medics.

AeroCare Learjet 35AAeroCare’s Florida base has safely flown numerous patients to their destination, and they look forward to continuing to help more patients in the future. AeroCare’s Command Center can be reached by calling 800-823-1911 or 630-466-0900. You can also request a quote online at