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AeroCare's Training Makes Medial Crew The Safest In The Industry

March 17, 2016

MARCH 17, 2016 At AeroCare safety comes first. The AeroCare Illinois base medical crew held their quarterly education and staff meeting this week and got to try our newly added equipment: Abbott I-Stat machines, which allow the crews to check vital blood/lab values while at 40,000 feet as well as Medtronic’s McGrath MAC Enhanced Direct Laryngoscope, which allows the team even more precision and first-attempt airway success when the need arises in flight.

The team also spent time with our Corporate Clinical Educator, David DiClementi, EMT-P and Dr. Silvio Morales, MD, FACEP when they were placed into the aircraft for simulation training with our dynamic SIM-MAN.

All of this training takes place every quarter at every base to ensure our team stays current and up to date with all the latest advances so that you and your family’s aeromedical experience is the best, bar none!