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Four Important CAMTS Accreditation Questions Answered

March 13, 2019

By Rebecca Werth RN, MSN, MBA, FNP-B


1. What Is CAMTS?

CAMTS stands for the Commission on Accreditation Medical Transport Services. It is an organization made up of 21 non-profit member organizations that oversee the Board of Directors for this voluntary accreditation process. The CAMTS survey looks at all aspects in a variety of different areas (i.e. Aviation, Safety, Patient Care, Education, Quality Management, Administration, Communication, etc.) of ground, rotor, fixed-wing, and medical escort programs. The two highest priorities being Safety and Patient Care in the transport environment.

2. How Does a Company Obtain a CAMTS Accreditation?

Initial applications can be submitted to the CAMTS office with baseline information relative to the program applying. The PIF (Program Information Form) is an extensive document requiring the Program to provide a myriad of information to show compliance with the current standards that have be set forth by the CAMTS Organization. For new programs, one year of data is required. Upon receipt of PIF, a team of site surveyors are assigned to come and visit the program to review data submitted via the PIF and real time information of the Program. Decisions are not made by the surveyors, they are merely capturing data and formulating information to give to the CAMTS Board of Directors for decisions related to accreditation status.

3. How Many Companies Are Awarded?

As of January 2019, 159 programs worldwide have become CAMTS Accredited. AeroCare has been CAMTS accredited for 15 years.

4. Why Is It So Imperative That We, at AeroCare, Have a CAMTS Accreditation?

As a peer review organization, they are dedicated to improving patient care and transport safety through their continual development of standards, education, and services. They are considered to carry the “Gold Standard” for anyone looking to procure air or ground transport.

As consumers search for air or ground transport, utilizing a CAMTS Accredited Organization provides them with the comfort of knowing that someone has independently come into the program, reviewed their systems, policies, procedures, education, vehicles/aircraft, etc. and given it their stamp of approval. Being accredited means that you are meeting the most stringent guidelines in the transport industry.

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