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High-Performance Learjet Added to the AeroCare Fleet

January 19, 2016

Lear 31ER Air Ambulance Medical Jet

By Doug Swan

CHICAGO, IL (JANUARY 19, 2016) – Providing the best medical flight service to their customers is paramount at AeroCare Air Ambulance. They want to fly patients in the safest, most efficient, and comfortable means possible. AeroCare operates a fleet of medically-configured Learjets, including two Learjet 35s, and a Learjet 55. AeroCare has now added a high-performance Learjet 31ER to their fleet. The newly acquired Learjet 31ER went into service recently and is based at the company’s headquarters in Sugar Grove, IL.

High Performance Capabilities

The “ER” in Learjet 31ER stands for extended-range and this high-performance jet can transport patients up to 1,600 statute miles, allowing AeroCare to provide service for patients throughout the U.S. and internationally. The Lear 31ER can fly at speeds of 550 miles per hour, which is crucial for transporting patients or organs transplants in a fast, efficient timeframe. One of the biggest benefits of the Lear 31ER is that it can fly well above congested airways, and bad weather at altitudes of up to 51,000. This makes for a smooth, comfortable flight for AeroCare’s patients. AeroCare wants their patients and family members to be as comfortable as possible during their flight.

AeroCare's Lear 31ER Medically-Configured CabinConfigured Like a “Flying-ICU”

The Lear 31ER’s cabin resembles an intensive care unit (ICU) in the sky. It is medically-configured with similar types of medical equipment that a patient would find if they were in a hospital. It is outfitted with a medical stretcher, critical care equipment, medications, oxygen, suction, compressed air, monitors, IV, back-up supplies, and more. AeroCare goes above and beyond to make sure their jets have everything the patient and medical crew need for any situation. AeroCare can also provide neonatal transports for premature infants when needed, with the use of their Isolette incubator. The Lear 31ER can also be configured to provide organ transplant flights.

AeroCare's Lear 31ER CockpitState-of-the-art Avionics

The Lear 31ER is equipped with the latest avionics giving the pilots the best situational awareness and enabling them to provide the highest level of safety, even during bad weather conditions. Avionics on the Lear 31ER include XM Weather, TCAS collision avoidance, TAWS ground proximity warning systems, satellite communications system, and moving map.


Safety is the number one priority at AeroCare. The Lear 31ER, as well as all of the other aircraft in AeroCare’s fleet, is staffed with a two-person medical flight team of Critical Care Nurses, Flight Medics, and Flight Physician if necessary. Each flight consists of two pilots that are Airline Transport Pilot rated (ATP). The Lear31ER has gone through FAA conformity checks and is approved for operation.

By adding this high-performance jet to the fleet, AeroCare continues to be the global leader in fixed-wing, air ambulance transport. They are glad to be able to offer this great-looking, high-performance aircraft to their patients.