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How To Choose A Safe Air Medical Transport Company

January 17, 2017

By Doug Swan

When looking for an air medical transport company to fly your loved one it’s imperative that you find a safe company to perform the medical flight. However, not all air ambulance companies are the same. In fact, there are huge differences between real medical flight providers and medical flight brokers. There are also vast differences between actual providers in this industry.

How to know what accreditation is the best.

In the medical flight industry, there are different types of accreditations. Organizations may accredit an air medical transport company based on different factors. It can get very confusing to the layman trying to find a safe air ambulance company, so here are the facts. Accreditations are very important. They are a way for you to immediately know how safe an air ambulance provider is and how good their medical program is. The number one, “gold-standard” accrediting organization is the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS – There’s no disputing this fact in the air medical transport industry. Therefore, if you find a medical flight provider that is CAMTS accredited, you’ve already done most of the work in finding a reputable, and safe company. Only the best-of-the-best have this prestigious accreditation. Providers must pass a series of stringent criteria to finally be awarded this accreditation. This accreditation assures customers that they are dealing a safe, ethical air medical transport company. Every air medical flight company would choose to be CAMTS accredited if they could be. The simple fact is it’s very hard to attain this accreditation and most are not able to pass the strict safety requirements and guidelines set forth by CAMTS.

How to choose the best CAMTS accredited medical flight company.

There are very few CAMTS accredited air ambulance companies. Once you find them you can choose the best one by asking:

How long they have been in business?

Do they have a medical director?

What type of medical aircraft and equipment they use?

What types of patients they transport?

Do they offer bedside-to-bedside care?

How much they charge?

Do they have a long, confusing contract?

What if insurance doesn’t cover the flight? What will I be responsible for?


When you are dealing with a CAMTS accredited air ambulance company you don’t have to worry about questionable billing. Contracts should not be long or so confusing you need a lawyer to read them. Beware of a non CAMTS accredited company that tells you your insurance will pay for the flight, even if you’re not covered. Beware of using a broker instead of an actual provider. Broker’s websites may look like they are providers, but they are not. They will charge you a fee to locate a provider for you. Plus, you will have no idea about the aircraft you’ll be flying in, the medical equipment being used, the flight personnel and more. When dealing with a CAMTS company, you know you are dealing with the safest air medical flight programs. When you use AeroCare Air Ambulance you know you’re dealing with a company that has been CAMTS accredited for 14 years, has been in business 23 years and boasts a perfect safety record. You can reach AeroCare at 800-823-1911.