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How To Find Air Medical Transportation If You Become Injured or Ill While Traveling

November 1, 2016


By Doug Swan

You’ve planned your vacation and made all of your travel arrangements, bought your airline tickets, booked your hotel and even planned the excursions you want to go on, and the sites you want to see. You arrive safely to your destination and begin to enjoy your vacation. But what happens next is something you never expected or planned for when planning your vacation. You get seriously injured and are in a hospital in a foreign country. You know a little of the language spoken there, but aren’t quite sure if you completely understand the plan for your care. You don’t really know if this hospital can treat your injuries properly. Your family is worried and wants to get you home to receive the best care you can get for your injury.


This scenario happens everyday to travelers. As a matter of fact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports on their website that the World Health Organization (WHO) says that injuries are the highest reason why travelers are hospitalized or seek medical care in foreign countries. Injuries cause more deaths that any other reason for young travelers between the ages of 15-29. According to the CDC’s site 18%-24% of deaths of all travels visiting foreign countries is from injuries. There are a lot of reasons travelers are more prone to getting injured. They might try more risky activities while traveling or they might not be as familiar with the traffic laws or may find themselves in an environment that isn’t safe. Regardless of how an injury happens to a traveler they must seek out a medical facility. Some countries medical facilities may not provide the kind of care a U.S. citizen is accustomed to.


So now you find yourself injured , in an unfamiliar place and you want to get home. Doctors say you really can’t fly commercially, at least without a nurse with you. Where do you begin to find a way to get transported home? What should you even be looking for? You or a family member or friend might start searching the internet for medical transportation. This is where most people find this process confusing and frustrating. You find that there are a lot of air medical transport companies’ online, but what’s the right choice for you? How do you even tell them apart is probably what you’re asking yourself. So you begin to call random air ambulance companies. But you’re not exactly sure what to ask them. This is where this article may help you make the right choice. We’ve compiled a few strategic questions you should ask in order to make sure you pick the right air ambulance service. The following questions are what you should ask.

Questions you should ask an air ambulance company:

1. Are you an air ambulance broker or provider? Brokers charge a commission to find you an air ambulance company, so it’s best to use a provider.

2. Are you CAMTS accredited? CAMTS stands for Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems. They are regarded as the Gold Standard for air ambulance accreditation. They are nationally recognized and their accreditation guidelines are very hard for most air ambulance companies to pass. That’s why they are so few CAMTS accredited air ambulance companies.

3. Aircraft - Do they own, maintain, and fly their own aircraft? What kind of aircraft do they use? Typically air ambulance providers use Learjets because they're cost effective.

4. Do they fly internationally? Not all do. This is particularly important if have traveled to another country.

5. Do they employ their own medical and flight crews?

6. Do they have a long confusing contract to sign?

7. What if insurance doesn't cover your flight? Some may tell you you’re covered and you find out later you're insurance didn't cover the flight.

8. Are there any other hidden fees or is the price they quote exactly what you’ll pay?

9. Do they offer a less expensive option like a commercial medical escort?

10. How may years have they been in business under their current name?

If you ask these questions and get the right answers then chances are you’re on the right path. When choosing an air ambulance company, price should be a factor, but not the main concern. You want to choose a safe and accredited air ambulance company. AeroCare has been in business 22 years with a perfect safety record and is CAMTS accredited. To request a free quote click here.