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How To Find A Medical Flight

December 8, 2016


By Doug Swan

When the unexpected happens, how do you get a medical flight? This article will help you take the guess work out of finding a medical flight service that best fits your needs.

Why Would Someone Need a Medical Flight?

People need medical flights for all types of reasons. Some people get sick in a foreign country and need to be flown home, some are injured, others need to be flown to rehab facilities, and some may need to get from one healthcare facility or hospital to another. Take for example the couple on their honeymoon visiting from England in Arizona. The newly married couple never thought about a medical flight before until the husband suddenly became very ill and was rushed to the hospital in Phoenix. It turned out the husband was critically ill and needed to get home to England. But how were they going to fly him home? The doctors said that he was too sick to fly commercially without medical supervision. The doctor suggested they start looking into a medical flights.

How To Find The Best Medical Flight Service?

Now the couple had to start researching medical flights. They turned to the internet and did several searches for medevac, medical flights, air ambulance, etc.. The results were vast and the couple were quickly overwhelmed with which company to call. Not all medical flight companies are the same. But what should they look for? Luckily a case manager at the hospital helped them. The case manager explained they should look for accredited air ambulance companies. She went on to say the best accreditation a medical flight company can have is the CAMTS accreditation. CAMTS stands for Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, and it’s the hardest accreditation to get. There are only about 65 companies in the world that have this accreditation and its the gold standard. She said this will narrow your field down a lot. The couple was relived to get this information. After searching for CAMTS accredited air ambulance companies they found AeroCare Air Ambulance. AeroCare had three bases, one of which was right in Scottsdale, Arizona. They read on AeroCare’s website that they had been in business 22 years, had a perfect safety record, and owned their own jets and medical equipment. The couple called AeroCare and spoke to a very pleasant Aeromedical Case Manager who explained she would give them a free quote and handle all the details of the medical flight for them.

How Does The Medical Flight Work?

The case manager at AeroCare explained everything to the couple about how a medical flight works. She said that AeroCare would arrange and coordinate everything for them so they could relax and focus on the ill patient. The couple was so relieved. The case manager explained AeroCare would have a two-person medical team pick the patient up at the hospital in a ground ambulance and take the patient to the airport where the special medical jet would be waiting. They would get the patient on the plane and accompany him and his wife on the medical flight. They would monitor his vitals, administer medicine and make him very comfortable. The aircraft that the medical flight would be done on is equipped just like an ICU in a hospital. So, the medical team can handle any emergency while in-flight. The same team would take the patient to the new hospital once they arrive at the destination. The case manager said this is what we call bedside-to-bedside service. The couple was so relieved and happy that there was an experienced, high-quality company like AeroCare Air Ambulance to fly them on their medical flight.

We hope you’re never faced with a situation like this couple faced, but if you ever find yourself needing a medical flight we hope you turn to AeroCare. AeroCare provides the highest level of care. You can reach AeroCare by calling 800-823-1911 or requesting a free medical flight quote online.