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How Much Does An Air Ambulance Cost? Three Frequently Asked Pricing Questions, Answered.

November 26, 2019


Finding the right air ambulance provider can be a very difficult and stressful process. There are many factors to consider and at the top of most individuals list is price. At AeroCare we strive to provide the easiest most transparent pricing in the industry. We have provided some insight as to how we do this below. In order to provide you with the most accurate quote, we rapidly follow the steps below to assure we are utilizing our three, strategically placed bases, Illinois, Arizona and Florida. This gives us a huge advantage when quoting your mission.

1. How Does Our Pricing Process Work?

We have a 5 step process that our Aeromedical Case Managers will walk you through;

Step 1- Call us directly 800-823-1911 or 630-466-0900, submit an online quote or use our instant “chat now” feature.

Step 2- Get connected with one of our Case Manager, on duty 24/7

Step 3- The Case Manager will gather pertinent demographic information, domestic, or international.

Step 4-They will then move onto medical conditions and if needed a specialty team.

Step 5-Typically you will have a quote in just moments.

2. Can AeroCare assist me in determining whether my insurance will cover the charges?

Insurance is a sadly not black and white, the Insurance companies keep their parameters on what they determine is medically necessary and reimbursable very convoluted. In situations where patients are in critical care units (ER/ICU/CCU) and/or requiring a higher level of care or specialty care not available in their current location, our case managers have been specially trained to inquire further about the patient condition to determine if insurance coverage or post-flight reimbursement is possible. Case Managers work closely with our in-house Billing Department, which consists of dual trained (insurance/medical) personnel, which gives us a huge advantage to conduct in-depth reviews of medical records, procedures, etc. in order to maximize reimbursement when/if insurance agrees to coverage.

3. If I must pay out of pocket, how much might the service cost?

Many factors determine the final cost of an air ambulance transport. The primary factors being the distance flown, the type of aircraft utilized, and the medical needs of the patient in flight. Fortunately, as a direct provider of Air Ambulance Services, AeroCare can try to minimize these costs, especially if the transport is not time-sensitive. Through efficient scheduling and special one-way pricing arrangements, many clients can see final costs on the lower end of the ranges. Speak with a dedicated, Aeromedical Case Manager, to assist you in coming up with the best solution for you and your loved one.

To learn more, visit us at or call us at 1-800-823-1911.