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How To Set Up A Commercial Medical Escort

February 14, 2020

A commercial medical escort can be either in first or business class or on a stretcher on a commercial airliner, with medical personnel. The team has a medical box with them and a full complement of drugs and interventions on board. The team can also accommodate low oxygen use for a patient, as well as cardiac monitoring. We can use a first or business seat if the patient is qualified to fly with the aid of a medical team. In some instances we will need to utilize a stretcher, these are available on long-range international flights with certain air carriers. Below are some helpful tips to make sure the commercial medical escort goes smoothly.

√ Our Clinical operations Vice President will need medical documents and preferably a reliable number for a member of our medical teams to call to get a report to see if the patient is appropriate for a medical escort. They will type up a summary and decided if the patient can travel in a seat or on a stretcher.

√ If a stretcher is required, they can take up to 2 weeks to install and reserve, very often the airline requires payment for this portion of the transport.

√ Just as with any transport, as listed in the bullet points on page one, paperwork is required with payment to start our process.

√ Immigration documents, passports and visas will also be required

√ If the family wishes to travel on the same flight and the same section, we can give the flight information to the family or for the cost of the ticket we can purchase tickets to accompany the patient.

√ Depending on the patient we may choose to send a one or two-person medical team, this will depend on the length of flight and patient acuity.

√ Airline choice and routing is determined, with consideration of least layover times and direct routing.

√ In some instances, the airline carrier may ask for a form to be filled out before the flight called a MedIF short for Medical Information form, these forms are airline-specific, we will contact the airline to have the appropriate form filed.

We truly hope this guide is helpful to you in understanding the dynamics of setting a flight up with AeroCare. We are here to handhold you the entire process and make it as stress-free as possible. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact the case manager who provided you with the quote or simply call us at 800-823-1911 24/7 or international at 630-466-0900, we also have a 24/7 Chat Now feature on our mobile-friendly website,