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Kim Orr, An AeroCare Client, Shares Her Experience

May 15, 2018

by Kim Orr

Let’s face it.

If you are searching for air ambulance service, you’re under a lot of stress.

Trying to make smart decisions and choose the right service when you are under stress can be overwhelming.

That was the case for me, even though my father was not experiencing an immediate medical emergency, and we had time to plan.

I had dozens of questions about the legitimacy of air ambulance companies. How do I know they really exist and aren’t just a website? How do I know that if I pay a huge sum of money they will actually show up and provide the services they advertise?

If you need Aerocare right away, you won’t have time to do due diligence and check their legitimacy like I did. I called friends in helicopter aviation to see what kind of reputation they had. I called my local airport and spoke to people there, I called airline pilots I know. I called a regional medical center which has medevac services to ask about how to evaulate air ambulance services. I spoke with a former Army nurse who had used their services for transporting non-military personnel, while stationed overseas. I checked online to see if they had a license from the Department of Public Health to operate in the state in which I live, which they do.

Here’s what I found out.

What you need to know and the way you verify Aerocare’s legitimacy and services, turns out to be all of the ways that aerocare mentions on their website.

Everything they tell you to look for in an air ambulance service -- the certificates, the licenses, the staff credentials -- is the way that any agency or person in aviation determines their legitimacy and expertise. The fact that they tell you this on their website, and prove that they meet all of these requirements, shows that they are not afraid of scrutiny. In fact they welcome it.

There’s a reason for that.

Aerocare is top flight!

From the moment I contacted them directly by phone and spoke with Alex, I knew I was in competent hands.

My father needed the bedside-to-bedside service for transport. And they handled every detail seamlessly.

It takes skill and experience to manage all of the hundreds of details to coordinate a trip. In my case they made arrangements in two different states, for ground ambulance transport to regional airports, much less the inflight monitoring and services they provide. I know they do this for places outside the USA as well where things can be even more complicated.

And they do it without you ever having to worry about the details.

Every Aerocare employee you come into contact with, is kind, professional, and efficient.

That starts with your first contact with Alex or Katie who coordinate your case. They answer your questions and give you information at any hour. They know that anyone they are working with is no doubt feeling overwhelmed, and they respond with caring attention.

The same is true for the flight staff.

The entire staff – flight coordinators, nurses, medics, pilots, are all attentive, kind, and caring. They are outstanding at what they do. They have expertise in their own fields – whether logistical, medical, or as pilots – and their calm, professionalism during the transport process and especially in-flight is remarkable.

This is the company and these are the people you want when you need an air ambulance. Thank you Aerocare for your outstanding help in getting my father safely home.