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The Process of Setting Up An Air Ambulance

January 29, 2020

By Jennifer Etzel-Elaqad

This guide will assist you in understanding the process of setting up a fight with AeroCare. The aeromedical case manager will create a bed to bed quote for you, this quote will include ground transport on both ends of your trip as well as our critical care medical team.

♦Once you review the quote if you wish to book, you can click on the link in the quote, or call the 800-823-1911, any of the case managers can assist you either by client name or by the trip routing or trip locator number in the emailed quote.

♦When the availability is confirmed, the case manager will send you paperwork to complete, this paperwork varies case by case. The paperwork, will be a transport form (to and from), a payment form and the luggage and allowed materials on board the plane.

♦Only after these are completed will we initiate a flight agreement as well. At this time necessary immigration documents, such as passports or visas may be required.

♦Once all documents have been filled out completely, payment received by wire or processed by E-check or Credit Card and all above paperwork returned, then the case manager has everything they need to build a flight ticket.

♦Within 24 hours of the flight date, the case manager will make the flight “live” they will walk through the flight with our 24/7 Communication center, go over any special requests or details.

♦It is important to know that if the plane we are planning to use for your mission is currently on a mission, our flight planning will not start until that aircraft is returned to its home base.

♦When we are flying to Canada, Mexico, South America, or the Caribbean Islands we are at the mercy of foreign entities to initiate permits and landing time availability, we do our best to request first availability, but we are on their timeline and not ours.

♦Once the flight has been planned, an itinerary will be emailed to you, the case manager will also notify appropriate parties as to bedside time of arrival.

We hope this guide is helpful to you in understanding the dynamics of setting a flight up with AeroCare. We are here to hand-hold you the entire process and make it as stress-free as possible. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-823-1911 24/7 or international at 630-466-0900.