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A Trip To Jamaica Ends With An Emergency Air Ambulance Flight Back Home

February 23, 2017

By Doug Swan

Michelle and Hugh are lifetime residents of New York and were owners of a successful human resource management business for more than 32 years. They have spent their lives educating business owners, corporate executives and their employees. Recently retired, the avid travelers now function as business consultants to business owners internationally. A consulting assignment is what lead the couple to a recent trip to Jamaica.

The couple traveled to Kingston, Jamaica to work with a client and, after two weeks of consulting, Michelle flew home. Hugh planned to remain in Jamaica for an additional two weeks.

The Accident

Recounting the accident, Michelle said, “Hugh was driving a golf cart during a tropical downpour. The cart slid out of control and overturned. Hugh was tossed from the cart and thrown against a stone wall. In shock, he got up and walked to the villa and phoned for help. Immediately, the head of security, guest services and the resident doctor arrived at the villa, where an ambulance promptly arrived.” Hugh was rushed by ambulance to a nearby six-bed clinic where he was examined. Michelle went on to say, “Upon examination, the clinic doctors identified that Hugh had three hip fractures and a deep leg laceration. Air transport to the U.S. was advised by stretcher service only.”

After arriving home and not thinking she would need to travel soon, Michelle had recently mailed her passport in for renewal. Michelle said, “At first thought the timing of submitting my passport for renewal seemed like a big mistake. With no passport, how can I get to where my husband needed me most? Then, the answer was revealed. I was needed at home in New York, exactly where I was, to make the numerous arrangements for my husband's expedited return to the U.S. From New York, I could coordinate with the top doctors for my husband's arrival to the top-rated hospital in New York for orthopedic trauma patients.”

The Search For An Air Ambulance

Now Michelle was faced with something that not many people ever need to do in their lifetime. She needed to find a reputable, safe and experienced air ambulance company to fly Hugh back home. Michelle said, “With the help of our adult daughter, I began the on-line research for air medical transportation services. The following criteria assisted in our choice to hire AeroCare: Live, human phone personnel, 24-hour patient advocacy center, bedside-to-bedside service, including ground transportation support, ability to provide air transport within 48 hours or less, and CAMTS accreditation.”

When Michelle found the AeroCare Air Ambulance website, and read about AeroCare’s qualifications, and read the multiple positive testimonials AeroCare customers had given the organization, she was convinced that AeroCare was the best company to provide Hugh with the care he needed. Michelle said, “Studies show that 80% of consumers purchase products and services after reading customer reviews. I am no different. The AeroCare website is professional, user-friendly and provides important, vital information that a layperson can understand and appreciate.”

Contacting AeroCare

Michelle called AeroCare’s 24-hour command center and was immediately connected to Katy, one of AeroCare’s aeromedical case managers. Michelle recalled her first impressions of calling AeroCare when saying “When crisis hits, it is not uncommon to feel confused, nervous and alone. In crisis, you recognize that your choices and decisions are important, yet sometimes you may not know where to start. Many businesses that sell services or products exclusively by phone do not understand that personality can literally be perceived and received by the other over the phone. My contact with Katy was purely over the phone, yet I perceived Katy to be caring and extremely kind and I received warm, empathetic service. Her light-hearted, tender spirit allowed me to smile and quickly build a relationship with her.” Having had years of experience dealing with companies in her professional life, Michelle went on to say,

“Here's the secret: People do not buy services, they buy experiences. Enhance the person's experience, and you will sell the service. After my very first contact with Katy, a dynamic, accomplished patient advocate, I was confident that AeroCare was the right choice.”

The Air Medical Transport Experience

Katy arranged and coordinated Hugh’s air medical transport from Jamaica to New York. An AeroCare medical team, consisting of a critical care flight nurse and critical care flight medic, were dispatched to Jamaica immediately to fly Hugh home on one of AeroCare’s Learjet air ambulances. AeroCare’s fleet of air ambulances are medically-configured to resemble a hospital intensive care unit (ICU). Michelle said, “The AeroCare professionals arrived in Jamaica, fully equipped to transport Hugh to the awaiting jet at the airport. Hugh was surrounded by the AeroCare professionals for the entire duration of the flight. The Learjet flight at 38,000 feet was very smooth under the control of seasoned pilots. The entire crew ensured his comfort from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Katy advised me of the FlightAware app, which allowed me to track and shadow the flight from its departure in Jamaica to its arrival in New Jersey.” The flight went off without a hitch and AeroCare transported Hugh home safely.

Hiring an air ambulance is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event. We asked Michelle and Hugh to reflect on their experience and offer any advice to people who need air medical transport unexpectedly . Michelle said “When you spend your entire lives delivering services to employees and customers, a medical crisis, if managed appropriately, can reinforce the importance of community-in-action. The entire AeroCare community worked in unity to ensure the delivery of superior medical care. AeroCare's corporate culture allowed Hugh and me to rest assured that we had made the right choice. We pray that our need for air medical transportation was a once-in-a-lifetime event, but for those who have yet to have this potentially life- altering experience, we highly recommend the purchase of a comprehensive trip insurance and, when that need arises, say a prayer and call AeroCare.” Hugh is recovering nicely, and Micelle said, “Hugh is out of bed and walking further distances each day. Again, thanks for AeroCare's quick response which got him to the right medical treatment for his situation.”

AeroCare provides worldwide air medical transport services. With 23 years of experience, CAMTS accreditation, a fleet of Learjets, and highly-trained medical crew, AeroCare can safely transport your loved one or patient. Contact AeroCare 24/7/365 at 800-823-1911 or by visiting for a free quote.