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Why Choose AeroCare Air Ambulance Service

June 5, 2019


originally posted on February 29, 2016

Why Choose AeroCare?

We’re CAMTS Accredited.

What does this mean though? What is CAMTS Accreditation. CAMTS is what makes AeroCare Air Ambulance Service special. When searching the internet for medical flights and air ambulance services there are numerous choices. AeroCare is a leader in the industry. Safety is number-one at AeroCare.

AeroCare Excels!

AeroCare puts patient’s safety first. We areCAMTS accredited. CAMTS stands for Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems. Being CAMTS accredited means we’re held to a higher safety standard. You can learn more at

Full Service Medical Air Transport

AeroCare is not a broker. We own and operate our own medical aircraft. Many of AeroCare's medical flight crew have been with the company for ten years or more. We include a Flight Nurse and a Flight Medic on every air medical transport. We own state-of- the-art Learjets, that have been medically configured to fly ill and injured patients to and from a hospital or other medical facility.

Medevac Air Ambulance Service

Often people are injured when traveling and need a medical,medevac type of flight to get back home. AeroCare provides these medical flights. We have three air ambulance bases throughout the USA. We can fly patients home that are to ill or injured to fly on a commercial flight or we can provide a medical escort on a commercial flight.

The Safest Medical Flight Company

AeroCare is a one-call service. Once you call AeroCare you’ll deal with one case manager that will arrange your entire air transport and will be your single point of contact. You can think of them as your medical flight concierge. AeroCare handles the air transport, ground transport and insurance claims.

AeroCare is so different from all of the other air ambulance companies. We are an award winning, industry leader in Air Ambulance Service. AeroCare has been in business more than 25 years and has a perfect safety record. AeroCare’s medical teams are constantly training, going to continuous education, and safety training.

Our fleet of Medical Flight Jets can provide worldwide air ambulance service. They are each medically configured like a flying ICU.

Our team is standing-by to answer your calls 24/7/365. Call AeroCare at 800-823-1911 or 630-466-0900.

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