Financing Option


AeroCare Air Ambulance is pleased to offer our clients a personal loan financing option for Air Ambulance Transports. We understand that most insurance (government and private) have limited coverage when it comes to moving loved ones across great distances. Often times these costs are covered by the patient or the family. We see clients using multiple credit cards to pay for a trip and understand how this puts further stress on a family during a crisis. With this in mind, we have partnered with Pay Possible to offer our clients a Personal Loan Option. In 3 simple steps, clients can receive personal loan options from over 29 qualified lenders without having a hard pull on their credit report. The client then selects the loan amount and payment terms that fit them best and from there the financed amount is transferred to AeroCare electronically as payment for the pending Air Ambulance Transport. Simple, secure and peace of mind when our patients and their families need it most.

We are proud to be the first in the industry that offers a financing option. Peace of Mind when you're already dealing with a crisis.