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Bedside-To-Bedside Service

for continuity of care

AeroCare provides Bedside-to-Bedside service for our patients. This service means that the same AeroCare medical team is with the patient for every part of the medical transport. The team picks up the patient from their location and accompanies them in the ground ambulance to the airport. The same crew is onboard the aircraft taking care of the patient during the medical flight. Once they arrive at the new destination, the same crew again transports the patient to the new medical facility or their home. We do this so there is continuity of care. We care deeply for our patients and treat them as if they were members of our own family. Read what our customers are saying about AeroCare.

AeroCare employs a team of highly trained and experienced critical care flight nurses and flight medics. Our medical teams are the best in the business. They attend quarterly continued education and safety training and are trained in flight physiology. We put the care and safety of our patients and crew above everything. This is why we have been awarded the prestigious CAMTS accreditation for 14 consecutive years.

With 26 years of experience providing air ambulance services, AeroCare can handle the most complex and critical cases while providing the safest and most cost-effective solution for our patients.

We Offer

The Following Services

We have 24-hour access that is always available to our customers and patients.
We have a bilingual staff available to consult with the patent and family members.
We will assist in coordinating and accepting physician and hospital beds - Worldwide.
Critical Care
We have Physicians, Critical Care RNs, Flight Medics, and Respiratory Therapist teams on standby.
Foreign Consulates
We have more than 25 years of experience working with foreign consulates, preparing citizenship paperwork, and resolving customs and clearance issues.
On-Site Case Managers
We have on-site Case Managers to help assess patient needs.
Commercial Medical
We have commercial medical escorts to help contain costs.
In-Stock Ventilators
We donate in-stock ventilators in cases where the receiving facility does not have ventilator capabilities.