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Medical Evacuation Transportation

Fixed-Wing Medevac Transportation Flights

AeroCare air ambulance specializes in medical evacuation transportation, also known as medivac, medevac transport. Medevac flight nurses and flight medics specialize in transporting patients from one medical facility to another with the use of our state-of-the-art medevac aircraft.

What is Medevac Transportation?

Medevac evacuation transportation is for critically ill or injured patients that cannot be transported by ground ambulance or by commercial aircraft. Our fixed-wing medevac aircraft are configured to resemble a hospital intensive care unit (ICU). This flying ICU medevac jet can transport patients anywhere in the US or internationally.

How Do You Request a Medevac Transport?

Requesting a Medevac transport can be a complicated task for those who are not familiar with Medevac. Often family members may never have even heard of Medevac transportation before and may not know where to begin. At AeroCare we act as your Medevac transport concierge. Make one call to us and one of our experienced Aeromedical case managers will arrange your medevac flight using one of our Learjet air ambulances and a two-person medical team, consisting of a critical care flight nurse and flight medic. We are experts in flying any type of patient that needs medical evacuation service.

How Did Medical Evacuation Get Its Start?

Medical evacuation air transportation got its start during World War I. A French pilot flew an ill Slovakian pilot to get medical attention. Aeromedical evacuation became more mainstream during World War II with the use of air ambulance helicopters. Today civilian air ambulance helicopters play a vital role in short, emergent medevac flights. Fixed-wing medevac air ambulances like those used by AeroCare, are primarily used for longer flights that helicopters don't have the range to fly. Today AeroCare provides air medevac flights for patients anywhere in the US and all around the world. Our medevac aircraft have long-range capabilities and can fly high above bad weather and other air traffic. This provides a smooth and comfortable medevac flight for the patient.

What is a Medevac flight from AeroCare Air Ambulance Like?

AeroCare handles every aspect of your medevac transport. A two-member medical team picks the patient up from the medical facility or residence and accompanies the patient in a ground ambulance to the awaiting AeroCare medevac jet. This is referred to as bedside-to-bedside service. Once the patient and family have arrived at the airport, the expert medical team carefully loads the patient into the medical aircraft by using a stretcher. The patient is transferred to the special medical stretcher on board the aircraft. The nice thing about being flown on a private jet is there are no lines or waiting at the airport. Once the patient is comfortable onboard the jet will depart. The same two-member medical team flies with the patient to the destination. The team is on board to make the patient as comfortable as possible, administer any medications and monitor the patient. There's usually room onboard for one or two family members and we provide snacks and beverages on long medevac flights. Once the jet arrives at the destination there will be a ground ambulance waiting. The crew will unload the patient into the ground ambulance and accompany the patient to the new location. Our bedside-to-bedside service provides continuity of care for the patient and sets AeroCare apart from others.

Why Choose AeroCare For Your Medevac Transportation

AeroCare has been in business for 26 years, maintains a perfect safety record and is CAMTS accredited. CAMTS is the "Gold-Standard" in medevac accreditation. We employ our own medical crews and pilots, maintain our own medical aircraft and medical equipment and we have an on-staff M.D. Medical Director that oversees every medevac transport.

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Having been in business 25 years, AeroCare provides expert medevac transportation. We own and operate our own aircraft, and employ experienced flight nurses and flight medics.

We Offer

The Following Services

We have 24-hour access that is always available to our customers and patients.
We have a bilingual staff available to consult with the patent and family members.
We will assist in coordinating and accepting physician and hospital beds - Worldwide.
Critical Care
We have Physicians, Critical Care RNs, Flight Medics, and Respiratory Therapist teams on standby.
Foreign Consulates
We regularly work with foreign consulates, preparing citizenship paperwork, and resolving customs and clearance issues.
On-Site Case Managers
We have on-site Case Managers to help assess patient needs.
Commercial Medical
We have commercial medical escorts to help contain costs.