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Commercial Medical Escort

A cost effective alternative

AeroCare offers a commercial medical escort service for patients that are well enough to fly on a commercial flight, but still need medical supervision. AeroCare provides domestic and international commercial medical escort services. This is ideal for a family member that needs medical support, but may not be ill enough to need to travel in a private air ambulance. The medical escort option may also be a more cost effective option for some.

How It Works

You will work with an AeroCare aeromedical case manager to determine if you can fly on a commercial aircraft with a medical escort. The case manager will review the patients condition and make the determination. Once the case manager clears the patient for a medical escort, they will then handle all of the arrangements of the commercial medical escort, including scheduling a flight, purchasing tickets, arranging ground transportation, and filing the paperwork with the airlines. The patient will be accompanied on the commercial flight by one on AeroCare's medical crew. AeroCare employs highly skilled and experienced critical care flight nurses and flight medics. If you or your patient or loved one is interested in a medical escort contact us today.

With 25 years experience providing air ambulance services, AeroCare can handle the most complex and critical cases and provide the safest and most cost-effective solution to deliver the patient to the required destination.

We Offer

The Following Services

We have 24-hour access that is always available to our customers and patients.
We have a bilingual staff available to consult with the patent and family members.
We will assist in coordinating and accepting physician and hospital beds - Worldwide.
Critical Care
We have Physicians, Critical Care RNs, Flight Medics, and Respiratory Therapist teams on standby.
Foreign Consulates
We have experience working with foreign consulates, preparing citizenship paperwork, and resolving customs and clearance issues.
On-Site Case Managers
We have on-site Case Managers to help assess patient needs.
Commercial Medical
We have commercial medical escorts to help contain costs.
In-Stock Ventilators
We donate in-stock ventilators in cases where the receiving facility does not have ventilator capability.