International Medical Repatriation


We Are Dedicated

to simplifying this process

AeroCare specializes in international medical repatriation and medivac/medevac air transports throughout the world. Our Aeromedical Case Managers specialize in coordinating these complicated cases and work diligently to ensure the safest transport. We're experts in coordinating medical repatriation (transporting citizens) back to their native country of origin, with specialties in areas of Central and South America.

We understand the complexities involved in discharging a patient to a foreign hospital, the paperwork involved and consulate contacts, and our entire staff is dedicated to simplifying this process and making it easy and trouble-free. If you need international medical repatriation contact us today.

With 26 years of experience providing air ambulance services, AeroCare can handle the most complex and critical cases and provide the safest and most cost-effective solution to deliver the patient to the required destination.

We Offer

The Following Services

We have 24-hour access that is always available to our customers and patients.
We have a bilingual staff available to consult with the patent and family members.
We will assist in coordinating and accepting physician and hospital beds - Worldwide.
Critical Care
We have Physicians, Critical Care RNs, Flight Medics, and Respiratory Therapist teams on standby.
Foreign Consulates
We are well versed in working with foreign consulates, preparing citizenship paperwork, and resolving customs and clearance issues.
On-Site Case Managers
We have on-site Case Managers to help assess patient needs.
Commercial Medical
We have commercial medical escorts to help contain costs.