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Organ Procurement

Transplant Services

Another service that AeroCare provides is organ procurement and transplant transport services. By offering ground and air services to transplant facilities and Organ Procurement Organizations, we provide a seamless and efficient process for this time-sensitive sector.

AeroCare also provides life-saving transports for organ recipients that require vital time-critical transportation from their home or hospital to the transplant center once an organ becomes available.

When the phone rings, we understand that there is a short window of time in which organ recipients are required to get to their hospital/facility in order to receive an organ. AeroCare can prepare for this pre-plan by coordinating insurance coverage ahead of time and when that critical life-saving phone call comes, transport patients seamlessly to meet the time-sensitive demands and provide THE GIFT OF LIFE…

You can trust the experts of AeroCare to understand the time sensitive nature of this type of mission.
Communication Center
We have a 24 hour "state-of-the-art" Communication Center.
We have company owned aircraft on stand-by.
Popular City Bases
We have bases in high traffic cities such as Chicago and Ft. Lauderdale.
Insurance Ease
The ability to pre-approve and bill your insurance company quickly and easily.
Ground Fleet
We have a fleet of emergency equipped organ transport ground units ready to go.
Back-Up Aircraft
We have access to over 200 back-up aircraft.