10 Reasons


10 Reasons to Choose Us

Air Ambulance & Medevac Services

1. AeroCare is nationally accredited.

AeroCare is one of less than 65 programs worldwide to be accredited by the prestigious Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS). CAMTS is a non-profit organization that is voluntary and has set the very highest standards of quality and safety in the air ambulance industry. Because the aeromedical industry remains mainly un-regulated, being CAMTS accredited ensures that your patient, family, customer is going to be transported in the safest environment, with highly trained pilots and medical crew who adhere to the CAMTS gold-standard guidelines.

2. AeroCare is experienced.

We have been in operation for 26 years and have transported over 10,000 patients worldwide with impeccable safety systems and safety record. Read what our customers are saying about AeroCare.

3. AeroCare provides the very highest level of patient care.

We employ highly experienced, competent, and compassionate Critical Care Nurses and 911/trauma paramedics. Every flight is operated under the medical control of AeroCare’s Medical Director, Dr. Silvio Morales, MD, FACEP. Dr. Morales has been Board Certified in Emergency Medicine since 1999. He’s currently the Medical Director and Department Chair of Emergency Medicine at Silver Cross Hospital, a Level II Trauma Center in New Lenox, Illinois. AeroCare’s medical teams undergo extensive continuing education as required by CAMTS. The medical equipment on board the aircraft is “state-of-the-art” and allows AeroCare to transport very critical patients offering a transparent continuum of care.

4. AeroCare is committed to flight safety on every mission.

Our pilots are carefully chosen, very experienced, and highly trained. All Learjet Captains undergo simulator training every six months and every AeroCare flight has a Captain and Co-pilot, regardless of aircraft stated recommendations. AeroCare standards for flight operations exceed most US commercial airline standards. AeroCare employs in-house Director of Aviation Operations, Director of Maintenance and a Director of Safety, who oversees a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS). All Aircraft are maintained according to manufacturer guidelines and meet or exceed all FAA requirements.

5. AeroCare provides unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

From the first phone call until the patient is safely delivered to the receiving facility, every team member is dedicated to absolute excellence in customer service.

6. AeroCare is cost-effective.

We have aircraft based throughout the country allowing cost-effective quotes. Many times we can provide one-way pricing which can reduce costs by up to 40%. AeroCare has bases in Chicago IL and Fort Lauderdale FL.

7. AeroCare will work with your insurance.

Our billing department is very experienced in determining if your policy has air ambulance coverage and if the flight is considered medically necessary. In some instances, we can activate the flight with no money out of pocket and direct bill your insurance plan.

8. AeroCare offers Bedside-to-Bedside Service on every flight.

Bedside-to-Bedside Service means the same medical team is with the patient in the ground ambulance to and from each medical facility and in the aircraft providing a seamless transport process.

9. Family members fly with us free.

Most of our flights can accommodate at least one family member to accompany the patient at no additional charge and in some cases, two family members can be arranged subject to approval of our medical management team and depending on the acuity level of the patient.

10. Fleet of medically-configured Learjets.

We operate a fleet of state-of-the-art medically-configured Learjets. Each Learjet is outfitted like a “flying ICU.” Our jets are flown by two ATP-Rated pilots on every flight