"| would immediately recommend AeroCare for any aeromedical care and transport"

Air Ambulance Flight Apr 2019

On 4/11/2019 | contacted AeroCare by phone regarding information and costing on a medi flight from Meza Az. To Seattle Wa. My wife had had a massive stroke and her doctors back in Washington recommended UW medical Center Acute Rehab as the best possible treatment upon her discharge from the hospital in AZ. | spoke with a member of the AeroCare team, Lynette Morgan, who was extremely helpful and within a short period of time had sent me a quote, flight information, and contact information. After a number of phone calls and email exchanges I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and personal concern that Lynette exhibited every time | made contact with her. In addition, she made herself available through her personal cell phone which | called many times either day or night and if she did not answer immediately she returned my call in a matter of minutes. On 4/12/2019 Lynette emailed me a contract and walked me through it over the phone. My wife was to be discharged on 4/15/2019 in the morning and AeroCare would take charge and make all the arrangements to move her from bedside AZ. to bedside Wa. | cannot begin to express my graditude for the unbelievable service and coordination that AeroCare arranged and directed on the discharge day. There were multiple issues between the two hospitals that arose at the last minute, but AeroCare addressed these issues, resolved them, and made the transport happen with efficiency and an unbelievable level of professionalism. | would immediately recommend Aerocare for any aeromedical care and transport. The complete team of pilots, medical staff, and ground coordination could not have been any better or personable in ail their activities and services. | am truly humbied by their excellent treatment of my wife and their dealing with me. Again thank you AeroCare and a very special thankyou to Lynette Morgan. Your team is truly the industry leader in this arena.

-Blore May

I feel as though words just don’t do justice in describing how much I appreciate all you have done for my mom, me and our whole family. Thank you so much!

Air Ambulance Flight Nov 2018
Michelle Brown

February 10, 2019

Dear Jennifer,

I hope this letter finds you doing well, healthy and happy.

I first contacted you on November 18, 2018, after my mother had broken her femur while on vacation in Mexico (we later found out it was due to her metastatic bone cancer). Although mom had intentions to stay in Mexico and receive treatment, I felt that I needed to work on getting her back to the States. I had no idea what to do, or how to do it (and I was at home in northern CA). I started by researching the internet. I found your website, but looked around further. For some reason, I was drawn to your company and just felt I should contact you. When I called, I spoke with you and you provided me with immeasurable information and kindness. You provided me with support and guidance and told me to call back if I needed anything further (as mom was committed to staying in Mexico). After speaking with you I felt secure that I had the right knowledge and had found the right company.

Early the next morning when I received the call from my sister that mom had received such sub-par treatment since her break on November 17th, and that she was willing to come back to the States, I immediately called your office. Although you were actually off duty that morning, the gentleman on the phone said he would give you the message and have you return my call. Within minutes, you called me back (now a days-who does that anymore?). You jumped into action and helped me (and my family in Mexico) navigate through the immense task of providing medical transportation from Mexico back to the States for my mom. Your diligence, professionalism, patience, and kindness were absolutely amazing!

You were able to arrange for mom to be transported that same day and flown all the way to Coeur d’ Alene Idaho, the nearest large hospital to her home town. You stayed in constant contact with me throughout the day, working on all of the logistics, as well as giving me support and updates on the progress. You did this until 10:00pm (local time in ID), up until you knew the plane was almost to their refueling and customs stop in Colorado Springs (where you had also arranged to have food waiting for them after their extremely long day-which was so unexpected and appreciated).

I was able to get myself to the Kootenai Medical Center from California before she arrived at the ER around 1:00am (local time in ID), and she was so excited to tell everyone she met about her amazing private leer jet ride from Mexico. She felt so special and so well taken care of. My aunt was also able to come home with her on the plane and she only said wonderful things about the entire experience, from the moment they were picked up at the Mexico medical facility, all the way to the Kootenai hospital in ID.

You were back on the phone with me first thing the next morning. I don’t know when you possibly had time to sleep, but you sure made this overwhelmingly emotional and intense experience more tolerable.

After returning from Mexico, mom had her leg repaired, did physical therapy, tried radiation on three of her more critical spots to try to slow down her cancer and reduce her pain, and also tried two rounds of immunotherapy. On December 19th she ended up in the hospital with pneumonia, and it looked very grim. The family was able to gather around her for the Christmas holiday and my sister got us all matching pj’s to make it more fun.

After Christmas and her release from the hospital she went to reside/recuperate in a skilled nursing facility. Her condition continued to decline and on Sunday January 13, 2019, mom passed away, surrounded by all three of her daughters and my sister’s dear friend who my mom also considered a daughter.

Our family has been so grateful that you and your company were able to bring her home to the States, where she was able to get the care she needed and give us all of the precious moments we were able to share with her. We very much appreciate EVERYTHING you, your company and all of your affiliates have done for us and for mom.

I will continue to stay in touch and hopefully we can get some reimbursement from mom’s insurance companies. I am so grateful to have found your company and to have had the honor of your help throughout this entire ordeal.

Thank you again! And sending big hugs!


Michelle Brown

"This whole ordeal was very scary and stressful and AeroCare's team made everything as easy as possible"

Air Ambulance Flight-September 2018

I cannot say enough great things about AeroCare. They truly helped save my mom's life. My mom got sick while visiting Mexico and I knew that time was of the essence and that we needed to get her better health care back in the United States immediately. I googled air ambulance companies and came across their website where I live chatted with Lynette. She answered every question I had in a quick and professional manner. I was still weighing all of my options when the following day Lynette texted my cell phone and asked if I knew what my plans were and if I had any additional questions. I did have more questions so I called Lynette and we spoke by phone. She couldn't have been more understanding, compassionate , and patient. She explained the entire process and what information she needed from me, etc. I was able to get her everything that night and arranged to get my mom transported from Mexico to Phoenix, AZ the following day. Since I live in NJ, I flew to Phoenix the following day in anticipation of my mom's arrival. When I got off the plane, I learned via several text messages that the hospital in Mexico would not let my mom go until we paid them $10,000. This was a snag I was not expecting and was obviously beyond frustrated and stressed. AeroCare's flight crew waited on the ground at the airport here for hours while we begged, pleaded, and negotiated with the hospital. After the hospital finally agreed to let her go, the flight crew took off to get her. On board, I believe there were two fantastic pilots, a nurse, and a flight medic named Eric. When I first saw my mom at the ER in Phoenix, the first thing she said to me was that if I was not her son, she would want Eric to be her son. She said he could not have been more of a "doll" and really kept her company and talked to her during the flight. She and I truly believe that this kept her alive. I am happy to report that after a 12 night hospital stay in Phoenix, and another 2-3 weeks in a rehab facility, my mom is back at home and doing very well. This whole ordeal was very scary and stressful and AeroCare's team made everything as easy as possible. Again, not to exclude anyone but special shot out to Lynette and Eric. Not only are they fantastic at their jobs, they are just amazing human beings. While I hope nobody I know ever needs an air ambulance, if they do, I will be recommending AeroCare to them without hesitation!

Jordan Ablon

"The team not only provided excellent medical care before, during and after the flight, but they also ensured my brother's comfort"

Air Ambulance Flight-September 2018

My brother was hospitalized while out of state and subsequently told he was terminal. Thanks to Katy's hard work, Aerocare had us (my brother, his wife and myself) flying home within 36 hr. She was professional and dedicated, as were the medical team, Kathryn and Mike. The team not only provided excellent medical care before, during and after the flight, but they also ensured my brother's comfort by diligently adjusting pillows, bandages, etc as needed. The flight crew, Mike and Mike, were also top notch! It was worth the cost since it allowed my parents to be with my brother during the final 5 days of his life.

Michelle Fugate

"It was clear from meeting each of you that even under conditions much more stressful than ours, you would each meet unexpected challenges with expertise and professional calm."

Air Ambulance in May of 2018
Kim Orr Father and Crew

Dear Alex, Jeff, Chris, Cam, Scott, and Jack (in the order I met you all),

Although it has taken me over a month to write to you all, it is not for want of thinking of you all and that amazing day when we brought my father home together.

Getting Dad settled in and establishing a routine for him that allows me to care for him while juggling work and other necessities of life has taken some weeks.

But now that we have a regular routine, have done all of the things needed to make my father at home and shift his official residence, I want to let you all know how deeply grateful and pleased we are to have benefitted from your professionalism and expertise – each of you in your own fields.

It takes an extraordinary amount of coordination, skill, and team work to do what you do so well. That you manage it so seamlessly is testament to each of you as individuals and together as a team.

It was clear from meeting each of you that even under conditions much more stressful than ours, you would each meet unexpected challenges with expertise and professional calm. Whether this might be a medical challenge or a challenge to the pilots from weather or mechanical functions, no one could be in better hands.

It was a sweet addition that you all are from the Chicago area and that my father could reminisce with you about his days in that city -- so long ago, but so fondly remembered.

Thank you all again for your wonderful work. It was a delight to meet you all and both my father and I wish you all of the best in your work and in your lives in the years ahead.

Best Wishes,

Kim Orr

Israel Orr

"I just wanted to say that my experience with AeroCare and some of its employees was truly remarkable"


I just wanted to say that my experience with AeroCare and some of its employees was truly remarkable. I want to thank Alex Quintana and Lexie Yates who helped me arrange the flight, the nurse Ryan Oglesby and medic Robert Raynor, and the pilot Mario Grajeda and first officer Matthew Tomaszewiski. We had a situation with my father in that he wanted to get home to Mississippi from Texas. We thought about driving him there but we were hesitant because he had recently had 2 heart attacks and a stroke. I looked on the internet for an air ambulance company and AeroCare is the first one I saw. We could not have had a better experience. It took us an hour to get him him where it would have taken 2 days if we had driven. Everyone at AeroCare was so professional yet very personable. It certainly gave us peace of mind knowing that we had help on the plane if my dad needed it. They kept us well informed as to what to expect and were very prompt about getting us there. I would highly recommend Aerocare for anyone that needs to get somewhere fast and needs medical attention.

Thanks, Alex for all your help. AeroCare is a great company.


Jan Tate

"I want to express our gratitude"


I need to address this to all of you, Alex, Lexie, Jennifer, Kara, Sarah, Cynthia and Josh. I am not putting these in any particular order, I just can't show everyone of you as the first person. Every one of you helped me so much and if is was not for each and every one of you, I am not sure if my sister would be alive today. You all saved her life.

I want to express our gratitude so much to all of you and want it on your website for the world to see. Here is what I would like to say:

May, 2017, These wonderful angels saved the life of my sister. Alex, Lexie, Jennier, Kara, Sarah, Cynthia and Josh. Alex, Lexie and Jennifer provided me with the support and the knowledge to give them all the information they needed to secure our flight back home to Texas. Kara and Sarah were the amazing nurses who took care of my sister and monitored her and gave her all the security and any medication needed to keep her comfortable and secure. Cynthia and Josh were our pilots. The greatest pilots I have ever met who flew their plane back to our home, in my opinion, the speed of light.

From May 5th through May 11th, my sister endured three surgeries, none of which were done correctly. She was not going to make it, nothing would stay down and all she was allowed to have was ice chips. She was dehydrated and her insides were beginning to stop working. We knew we had to get home as soon as possible to a hospital that could take care of her. We knew we could not board a commercial flight, so we looked into a medical ambulance. Aerocare was the first name that came up on my search. It was a sign for the Lord above, he knew who we needed. Immediately, Lexie began to work on this for us and then Jennifer and Alex got involved the following day and together, all the information they needed was sent to them and the plans were made to get us home.

Upon arrival to the airport, Sarah and Kara immediately accessed her and got her in their plane. They began working on her immediately to get the fluids in to her and all the other medications she would need. Such care and compassion for my sister, I just can't thank them enough. Cynthia and Josh were ready to get us home. They made sure it was a smooth a flight as for us all and got us home as soon as possible.

Today, my sister is in a hospital here at home and has had another surgery on May 14th. This surgeon repaired all the damage that was done to her and although, she has a long road ahead of her, she is alive and will recover.

None of this would be possible if it was not for Aerocare and all the angels they have working for them. I can never repay them enough, but if there is ever anything they need, I will do my very best to take care of it for them all.

Thank you is not enough.

Tracy S. & Vicki L.

"What a wonderful trip"

bedside to bedside header

Hi Alex,

What a wonderful trip for John. Thank you so very much. I was not present, but the family was there. Your staff was so kind and respectful through the whole event. John had many complements. He was impressed. Pictures were taken and staff was very accommodating. FYI – we did send some Wisconsin goodies along with them. Hope they enjoyed. I am so glad I found your company on the internet. Could not of asked for anything more.

Thanks again,

Mary Dekker, CSW

Social Worker

"Highly recommend!"

Medical Flight - Jan 2017

"AeroCare transported my mother, a dementia patient, from her home in Gainesville, FL to a nursing home in Wheeling, IL. Jennifer, the medical team, and flight crew provided excellent coordination with ground transportation and air service from bedside to bedside. Mom's condition was professionally monitored the entire trip on their state-of-the-art Lear jet and during ground transportation. Highly recommend!"

Cheryl B.

"Words cannot express our gratefulness for the exceptional medical care received."


Good morning,

"Few things are more difficult than a loved one being out of reach when a serious injury occurs. With no passport in hand, I was unable to be at my husband's bedside after the accident, yet the professionals of AeroCare filled in the gap.

From the first call received by the patient advocate to the ambulance and flight crew, the community of professionals at AeroCare rallied around my husband and me in support of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

A special mention is sent for Katy, who is a dynamic patient advocate, available 24/7, ensuring that every possible detail was accounted for and attended to.

Words cannot express our gratefulness for the exceptional medical care received. The true value of service-in-action was tangibly shown and felt by my husband and me, and we are forever grateful.

Please share this letter of commendation with your staff and feel free to add these comments to your website testimonials. Each act of kindness exhibited by the AeroCare team will be praised and remembered for many years to come."

Very truly yours,

Michelle and Hugh B.

"Her confidence and professionalism immediately put us at ease."

Emergency Medevac Flight To Puerto Rico - Jan 2017

“AeroCare provided superior service during a period of crisis. My 81-year-old aunt suffered a stroke while vacationing in Puerto Rico. I went down to assess her situation, and it was immediately apparent that she needed to be moved to the US mainland. I called AeroCare after doing some research on-line and from the moment our case agent, Jennifer, answered the phone, I knew that we were in good hands. Jennifer took care of all the arrangements surrounding my aunt’s transfer back to the US. Her confidence and professionalism immediately put us at ease.

On the transfer date, the extraction team and Jennifer were constantly providing us with updates. We could even track the plane’s progress on-line. The team on the ground and in the plane were of the highest professional caliber, displaying military-esque precision as they transported my aunt via two sets of ambulances and one LearJet 35A. My aunt is now recovering in a hospital in Boston. I am certain that she would be in much worse shape had it not been for the exemplary job done by the folks at AeroCare.”

Jesse C.

"The pilots ALWAYS get us to our destination SAFE AND SOUND!!"

21 Air Ambulance Flights in 4 years!
Ryan V

"AeroCare is a TOP-NOTCHED air ambulance company. ALL the employees truly care about the well-being of their patients and family and are COMPASSIONATE and CARING. After 21 flights in 4 years - we couldn't imagine having anyone else transport or take care of our medically fragile - special needs son. Lynette takes care of EVERYTHING for us - eliminating the need to contact our insurance company. ALL the nurses and medics are TRULY the BEST!!! The pilots ALWAYS get us to our destination SAFE AND SOUND!! We know we are in GREAT hands with OUR CREW!!!! THANK YOU for making a DIFFERENCE in OUR LIVES!!!! See you at the end of March for flight number 22!!!!"

Deb V.

"AeroCare handled the entire process in a professional and efficient manner."

Air Ambulance Flight Dec 2016

"My wife suffered a multiple ankle fracture while we were on vacation in Arizona. Following surgery, as travel by commercial aircraft was not possible, we engaged AeroCare to return us to Delaware. AeroCare handled the entire process in a professional and efficient manner. If you need this type of transport, we would highly recommend AeroCare."

James P.

"AeroCare is a first rate, skilled, and professional operation."

Medevac Flight From Aruba to Boston - Nov. 2016

"AeroCare is a first rate, skilled, and professional operation. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of Air ambulance service. In November 2016 my father in-law became seriously ill while on family vacation in Aruba. I contacted AeroCare and was immediately impressed with the care and understanding provided to me by coordinator Jennifer Elaqad. I explained the family’s situation and desire to have my father in-law transported from Aruba to Boston so he could get admitted to Lahey Clinic for much needed additional care. Jennifer handled all of the arrangements from start to finish, and kept us up to date with all of the detail from the time the flight team left for Aruba until the time my father in-law arrived safely at Lahey Clinic."

"Special thanks to the flight team and medical crew. Your professionalism, compassion and understanding of the patient’s needs, as well as support provided to my mother in-law who also traveled on the flight was a great relief to the family during this stressful time of need."

Paul P.

"God bless these wonderful people!!"

Medical Flight From Cancun 2016

"My sister was very ill in Cancun, and her husband knew they weren't helping her. He called me in the States, and I found AeroCare online.

The nurse I talked to (Jennifer) saved my sister's life. She found out in less than an hour that the flight was covered by insurance, and she worked with my brother-in-law and with a hospital in Miami.

There were delays because the Mexican hospital would not release my sister until the bill was paid, and my brother-in-law couldn't find the people to pay. But the AeroCare staff knew the name of someone in billing, and my brother-in-law was able to find the person and pay the bill. God bless these wonderful people!!"

"They arranged everything!"

Air Ambulance Flight

"My husband had a stroke post surgery and could not fly home via commercial airlines. I contacted AeroCare Medical Transport Systems, Inc. and they arranged everything. From hospital to rehab facility, including ambulance transport, the journey was seamless and the staff efficient, professional and friendly."

Charis P.

"The crew was very caring and personable."

Air Ambulance Flight - 2016

“After being seriously injured in Seattle I was not able to return to my home in New Mexico by commercial air. AeroCare transported me from my hospital bed to my home safely in the utmost comfort. The crew was very caring and personable. My husband and son who were also in Seattle were able to fly with me. High marks to AeroCare!”

Marge D.

"We will forever remember how they took us home from an impossible situation in Mexico!"

Emergency Medevac From Mexico - 2016

“The entire staff and flight crewmembers were extremely professional and were in fact the reason my wife still has her foot today. A middle of the night evac from Cabo was made possible by this company in general, and Jenny in particular doing the right stuff for us. We will forever remember how they took us home from an impossible situation in Mexico!! Thanks and blessings to them!”

Danny R.

"AeroCare is the reason my Dad's still alive today."

Emergency Air Ambulance Flight From Mexico - Oct 2016

"AeroCare is the reason my dad's still alive today. After getting gravely sick in Mexico and being sent to a terrible hospital there, where we were told he'd pass away within hours, AeroCare was able to navigate through the complicated process of getting my dad back to the U.S. even with the limited cooperation of the Mexican hospital/doctors and with his diagnosis."

"Jennifer was simply amazing at coordinating everything and easing me through the process since I was the one in contact with her despite not physically being in Mexico with my dad. Since time was of the essence, and my dad was in a very fragile state, AeroCare also worked with us on how we could get the funds to them asap. I contacted her on a Friday night and by Monday morning my dad was in an American hospital. The flight itself was also impeccable."

"Yes, it was a very costly and sudden expense for us which we'll be dealing with for months/years to come, but in retrospect it was worth it. In addition to AeroCare I also contacted another air ambulance for more info on their services and I never heard back despite calls/emails. AeroCare's professionalism and humaneness is incomparable."

Evangelina C.

"The flight and arrangements couldn’t have worked out better!"

Air Ambulance Flight - Oct 2016

Hi Lynette,

"The flight and arrangements couldn’t have worked out better! The ambulance was early and those paramedics were very caring; your crew was on time and were all super-friendly and helpful; the aircraft was clean and in good condition; the food was good; and the van at the other end was perfect. We were on our way in the van within 5 minutes of pulling up to the hanger, and the driver was very helpful handling and securing the wheelchair and then helping transfer Mom at the care home. I don’t know how things could have gone any better. Mom is a little confused, but will adapt. And I just got home, so I can continue packing and preparing for our move."

"I’m very happy about all the arrangements, even though there was a little hiccup on Monday. Thanks so much for all you efforts."


Mike H.

"They truly make dreams come true!"

Air Ambulance Flight - Sept 2016

"Jennifer Elaqad assisted our family in a great time of need. My mother had been ill and her last wish was to fly from Florida to her home in Northern, MI. Due to my mother's medical needs and oxygen requirements, we needed a full service medical assist team to help make her dream come true.

In comes Jennifer. Jennifer handled all of the arrangements from start to finish. Her compassionate, caring and professional manner helped us manage through a stressful situation.

Jennifer kept us up to date with all of the details. She became my angel throughout tracking the flight from pick up at the house through landing. You can imagine my tears of joy when Jennifer advised me the flight had landed and my mother's dream had come true!

AeroCare provides medically trained staff and maintains a fleet of top quality planes throughout various locations. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND AeroCare and Jennifer Elaqad of the AeroCare team.
A best-in-class company

They truly make dreams come true!

AeroCare is not a broker company. When you contact them, you are dealing directly with the company and the wonderful people of AeroCare like Jennifer Elaqad. All prices and services are quoted direct from the company. No third party broker involved which was such a pleasure."

A Thankful Family

Emergency Air Ambulance Flight - August 2016

Dear AeroCare,

"On behalf of my father, Leo T. and his entire family I wish to thank AeroCare for a superb job of transporting Leo from Alaska to Washington state after an unexpected illness. He is very impressed with the efficiency and caring of your crew and we all wish to thank them and everyone at AeroCare for making a difficult time much easier for him. And the good news is he is much better now."


Leo's daughter Linda

Grateful Parents

Air Ambulance Flight - March 2016

“Last Saturday we flew to Cancun for a family vacation. A few hours after checking in to our hotel, our infant son developed severe respiratory distress. We took an ambulance to the hospital. He was really struggling to breathe. We prayed and prayed for God to save our baby. He was admitted and seemed slightly better the next day. On Monday, he was getting worse. We determined the only way for him to get appropriate medical care was to come to the U.S. Through St. Vincent hospital One Call in Indianapolis, we contacted Aerocare Medical flight service. Their calm, reassuring nature on the phone helped us become slightly at ease. When they arrived in Cancun, customs would not allow them to come get us at the hospital. When we attempted to leave the hospital, the hospital officials said our bill was not paid. None of our credit and debit cards would work, even after we called the bank multiple times. We argued and pleaded through our broken Spanish to please let us go. AeroCare actually paid our hospital bill so we could leave. The medical flight staff, Kim and Tyler, provided excellent care to him and got him safely to Indy. We had wonderful care at St. Vincent, and I am so happy and blessed to say our son is home with us. I cannot thank AeroCare enough for going above and beyond to help our son. Their staff was truly amazing. Thank you so much.”


Debbie S.

"I never thought people could be so caring"

International Air Ambulance Flight - Feb. 2016

Hi Alex,

"Just wanted to bring you up to speed on my husband. He is doing much better and got a good report from his doctors. It will take more time to get back to “normal” for him, but without your help he wouldn’t be here today. Thank you again for all your help getting him back to Indiana.

I also wanted to say a BIG thank you to the nurses and pilots on the flight. I never thought people could be so caring. I would recommend your company to everyone in need of your services. The care everyone showed was fantastic. My husband commented he had never been treated so good. Thank you all again for the service and promptness it took to get us back home from El Salvador."


Priscilla J.

"They made me feel more like a family member than a patient."

Air Ambulance Flight - May 2016

"My heart goes out to Sandy, Jim & the rest of the crew of AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance Service. Their expertise, knowledge, skills, and care assisted me greatly in time of need. They made sure all of my needs were met and constantly checked on me the whole trip to make sure all that could be done for me in this time of emergency was done. They made me feel more like a family member than a patient. There is no doubt that when i need emergency air transportation, they will be the one and only emergency air service i will contact. They care deeply for the patients they serve. Keep up the good work and may each of you have a blessed day. Also, thanks for the safe trip from Springfield, IL to Rochester MN."

Mark M.

"I have not seen more efficient service than this."

Air Ambulance Flight - 2016

"This is a first rate professionally operated and staffed air ambulance system that provided exceptional service to me when transferring a patient from a hospital facility in southeastern NY to Nashville TN. Every single aspect was precisely planned and executed, and with a minimum of input and effort from us. I am a neurosurgeon who requested them to transport an elderly parent , and this required only one phone call to arrange the flight times, and provide basic necessary information. I was able to email documents and permits without difficulty, and AeroCare made all critical contacts with hospital discharge and admitting personnel and with ground transportation at both departure and arrival locales. Provision of funds to them was also expeditious and straightforward.

Worth every penny to have this done correctly without any issues whatsoever.

I have been involved as a physician with other medical emergency air-evac operations in the past, primarily for organ donation and harvesting purposes, and I have not seen more efficient service than this."

Rescued From A Hospital Outside The US

International Air Ambulance Flight - June- 2015

Hi Lynette,

"You are a wonderful and amazing person! Lori is in the Psych-Ward now. They have her on oral drug, no IV, which was bothering her a lot. She is so much calmer and able to talk without getting angry, (still not coherently though). I feel that I don’t have to literally protect her from the hospital staff anymore.

This morning the Hospital staff couldn’t even tell your flight nurse Megan what and how much drugs Lori had received overnight. I felt like you were my partner advocating for Lori.

You certainly lessened the psychological trauma she and I experienced by having to stay another day in that hospital. I can’t thank you enough!

I was about to lose it and breakdown with joy when I saw Megan and Joe walk through the hospital doors to take us to home to San Diego. They probably thought I was the one needing the flight instead of Lori. It had been four days since I had showered or even brushed my teeth. Megan and Joe were so kind to Lori during transport. You are a good soul!"

Thank you so much! Randy.

“You helped save my husband”

Air Ambulance Flight – Dec- 2014

“I just wanted to send you all a message. You are all truly amazing people. Back in 2014, my husband was in Jacksonville at Mayo clinic and was near the end. I had brought him there to try and speed up the liver transplant process. They denied him on the list but Mass General Hospital had not. I needed him back in Boston ASAP. Renee and all the rest of the staff who cared for Jeff were incredible. I would like you all to know that he DID receive a transplant 2 weeks after you brought him back to MGH. He was out of the hospital in 9 days!!! He is doing great and we are now doing fundraisers to help with others who struggle with liver cancer. You all played a large role in saving his life. I truly believe that if we didn’t get him out of Mayo… he wouldn’t have made it. So thank you! AeroCare is the best thing I came across when trying to get him home. And the fact that you bill the insurance is so helpful. Mayo wanted a ridiculous amount of money out of pocket and wouldn’t fly him home without it. Renee walked me through every step that you all took when doing ground transport to flight to ground again. She provided me with his vitals and location. Jeff and I are truly grateful!

Thank you again. And just so you know… I tell EVERYONE about you guys!”

"Everyone was just fantastic!"

International Air Ambulance Flight

"To All of you that had a hand in getting my husband, Gordy, from Cabo to Detroit, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. The words fall short of how we feel. The service you provide is amazing. It was as if the Calvary had arrived when Clint and Melody walked in. Gordy and I, needless to say, were at our wits end. Speaking for myself, and I know he will agree, we were feeling so frustrated, scared and beginning to feel more than desperate. It was beginning to take it’s toll. We were living a nightmare and knew the clock was ticking. His family’s insight and their consciousness of mind to search your company out was beyond fantastic. All our hopes were realized when you all walked into our hell and plucked us out. Impressive, awesome, professional, are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of all of you and your company.

The pilots, Clint and Melody, Renee, Becky, Everyone was just fantastic. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you………… We love you all!!!!!

As for Gordy, he is doing great. I know Gordy will get back to his old self in time. Gordy and I tried not to let ourselves think that we may not have each other anymore, but in our guts that was our fear. Thank you so very much for having the service that you do to keep best friends together."

With Sincere respect and gratitude,

Laurie and Gordy C.

"I cannot express enough thanks!"

Air Ambulance Flight

"I have to praise your team, specifically Margaret and Dave!!! Without these 2, I have no clue where my brother would be for care right now! Margaret went above and beyond anything I could have asked for in ensuring the insurance would cover this expense for us. The hospital social workers swore up and down that we were nuts to even try, but Margaret prevailed and got it taken care of. She showed great consideration for what we were going through, very caring! And when her shift was done and we didn’t have an answer, she made sure Dave helped figure it out, and he did! I spoke with him on the phone and he was very reassuring with me and very thoughtful! This is an extra stressful time for my brother, myself, and my entire family and these 2 helped us in ways that I cannot express enough thanks!"


Chelsey C.

"You are my knights in shining armor!!!!"

Air Ambulance Flight

To all the staff at AeroCare,

"What can one say to a group of people that came to our rescue, like knights in shining armor! Only your shining armor was a leer jet, and a fabulous staff. From the moment that I called your phone number, I was hooked to people who cared. Dave Schult was amazing!!!! Treating me like I was family. Then there was Becky Werth who did everything possible to assure me that an air transport of my dad John was not only possible but would be seamless. My dad got sick in Sarasota FL. and my family and I wanted him home to Chicago. Your team made this happen. Not only did they have the utmost professionalism they cared. They cared about my dad, my mom and me. Start to finish everyone was awesome.

Julie and Gwen I will never forget everything you both did for my family. You weren’t only staff on board but you were like friends I’ve known my whole life. I will forever be grateful to all of you. As an RN myself I know how important it is to be there for someone in their time of need. Your staff, ALL of them were there for my dad and I. My dad is back in Chicago with his family and doing great. He may even go home next week if all goes well. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you. I hope our paths will cross again someday and I can help you somehow."

"Thanks again to all of you!"

"You are my knights in shining armor!!!!"

Mary F. RN

"Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for all that you’ve done!"

2010 Iowa Children’s Miracle Network Champion

"I personally wanted to thank you so much for all of your help in transporting a very special 12 year old boy. I’ve included my favorite photo of this curious 12-year-old for you. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for all that you’ve done!

How did I hear about AeroCare?
I was visiting with a social worker today from the University of Iowa Hospital who recommended several air ambulance services – he wasn’t sure if they traveled internationally, but it was worth a shot. So, after 3 various companies, I learned that most of them do not transport internationally but would be happy to help once he arrived on US soil. But, then there was AeroCare. WOW! From the beginning, I knew that you were different as your customer service was OUTSTANDING! After long hours and some aggressive negotiating and convincing from you to the Yescas’ family insurance provider, the provider agreed to cover it – something they had told Tammy that they would not cover earlier today. So, after that and making arrangements for an admit at University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa city, we are set. It’s truly one of God’s miracles and I was just fortunate to have a front row seat to witness it.

As you can imagine, Tammy, Andres’s mother, is overcome with emotion. Earlier today, she thought she’d be asking the IA City surgeon to cut the cast in half so Andres could sit up and fly first class – even though she knew it would be painful and be a huge set back. Well, that doesn’t need to happen now!

Now, let’s all say our prayers the next 24 hours that Andres travels safely to Iowa City and sees his surgeon who is able to get his pain under control and begin treatment. Truly….truly a miracle – and thanks for being a part of it. I welcome the opportunity to meet you some day to thank you personally. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for your support and all of your help over the past 8 hours.

Today was not about any of us – it was about Andres and watching God work. It’s completely overwhelming…..and awesome at the same time.

Please pray for a safe journey tomorrow for Andres and his family……So – again thank you and a BIG WOO-HOO from me on a job well done!!!!"

Tina Stroud
Director of Development
St. Luke’s Health Foundation & Children’s Miracle Network

Andres Y.

2010 Iowa Children’s Miracle Network Champion

"Thanks again for taking so much care and concern over every little detail."

Air Ambulance Flight

"Hello to my three new best friends, Dave, Margaret and Alex!

This is just a note to say thanks again for taking so much care and concern over every little detail of the arrangements for getting Dallas flight home to BC. I know that you all realized that I was literally at the ‘end of my rope’ with worry about Dallas health and how to get him back to the hospital here.

We were both thrilled with the actual flight in the Lear, and decided that it is the only way to fly!!

I realize that you were only doing your jobs… but the little touches of love from everyone turned a hellish situation into an enjoyable event. I am sure that your company realizes your worth and are proud to have you as employees.

Dallas is recovering quite rapidly now, and he expects to be released in a few days. We plan to stay here for a few months now to complete his road back to good health, and then no doubt will be off and running again.

Don’t forget David, you invited us to lunch when we get back to Phoenix again……we never turn down an invitation for a good meal!!!"

Thanks again everyone.

Best Regards,

Jeannette R.

"Being a business owner, we all know customer service is very important! Our decision was based exactly on that after phoning another company! "

I believe it is very important to extend our thoughts and feelings along to Jennifer, who’s passion goes unnoticed!

Good Morning Mr.Cece,

My name is Mary Stahl, sister in law of Anthony Buto who was taken by AeroCare from Healthpark hospital in Fort Myers, Fl. to University of Michigan hospital In AnnArbor Michigan! I was overseeing the transfer along with my niece Elizabeth Walsh, as Anthony’s wife (my sister) Elizabeth was dealing with enough! Being a business owner, we all know customer service is very important! Our decision was based exactly on that after phoning another company! Upon phoning AeroCare, I was immediately directed to Jennifer, who I have nothing but the word “ 10 star” if I had to use a word for her! The knowledge, love, care, professionalism and passion she had in her voice was tremendous , and I felt as if I had met her personally! Having a secretary do things for me, I am not very good on the computer! Jennifer took the time to walk me through every step that had to be taken to process Anthony’s flight. I called her numerous times with questions she may have already answered but in a state of “time matters” she would pleasantly answer again ! and her end response was “ Please call me if you have further questions! No bother at all”. Not to mention she walked me through the whole process of what was happening when. I cannot express my feelings enough how Jennifer handled our case. Jennifer is a top-notch employee and God forbid if the need arose we would consider your company again based on Jennifer’s expertise! Please let me know you received this email as I believe it is very important to extend our thoughts and feelings along to Jennifer, who’s passion goes unnoticed!

Again Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

Mary Stahl

"First rate professionally operated and staffed air ambulance!"

Air Ambulance Flight - May 2016

"This is a first rate professionally operated and staffed air ambulance system that provided exceptional service to me when transferring a patient from a hospital facility in southeastern NY to Nashville TN. Every single aspect was precisely planned and executed, and with a minimum of input and effort from us. I am a neurosurgeon who requested them to transport an elderly parent , and this required only one phone call to arrange the flight times, and provide basic necessary information. I was able to email documents and permits without difficulty, and AeroCare made all critical contacts with hospital discharge and admitting personnel and with ground transportation at both departure and arrival locales. Provision of funds to them was also expeditious and straightforward.

Worth every penny to have this done correctly without any issues whatsoever.

I have been involved as a physician with other medical emergency air-evac operations in the past, primarily for organ donation and harvesting purposes, and I have not seen more efficient service than this."

Manuel W.

"I would highly recommend your company and your staff."

International Air Ambulance Flight

To whom it may concern:

"Recently we contracted with your company to arrange a medical escort for my Mom (Alzheimer’s patient) to fly from Puerto Rico to Chicago. We worked with Joe and Renee, who coordinated all the arrangements. Both Joe and Renee were professional and courteous, but more importantly they provided a level of trust and comfort that helped my family through a very tough time. One of my biggest concerns was how my mom would react to someone she had never met before. You’re Medical Escort – Justin is a remarkable person who immediately made my mom comfortable and put her at ease. He was very attentive to our needs, going above and beyond to provide an exceptional level of care. I would highly recommend your company and your staff."

Thank you for all your help

Wilmi S. & Heidi R.

Thank you for treating me as a distraught sister and not just an online quote request.

Air Ambulance Flight-November 2017

Dear Katy,

I’m tardy, but I wanted to let you know that my sister, whom you transported from West Palm Beach back to Chicagoland and then to her home in Warrenville, passed away the day after Thanksgiving.

While we had hoped for an earthly healing, she instead got eternal healing. We take comfort knowing she’s in heaven with her savior Jesus and her son Justin.

I would be remiss if I didn’t pause to say thank you to AeroCare for bringing her home. By getting her back to Illinois she was able to spend her final ten days surrounded by family and friends.

I chose AreoCare because of your willingness to hold a crew on the East coast while I ensured her Florida doctor would discharge her. Someone - perhaps it was you - told me they’d never done a faster transport. But I was committed to getting her home as soon as possible. Without your help that wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for treating me as a distraught sister and not just an online quote request.

The ground crew that brought her home clearly had their hands full so I can only imagine what the flight crew experienced. But they were professional and courteous for which I am grateful.

I hope to never need the services of a medical flight in the future. But if I do, AeroCare will be my only call.

Many thanks for your service to my family.