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AeroCare Crew and Pilots


Your Care is Our Mission

With over 30 years experience providing air ambulance services, AeroCare can handle the most complex and critical cases and develop the safest and most cost-effective solution to deliver the patient to the required destination. This is AeroCare’s specialty and we deliver on a daily basis, worldwide.

Why AeroCare
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Air Ambulance & Medevac Services

AeroCare works diligently with insurance providers, hospitals, case managers, patients, and families to provide the best air ambulance services possible in the most cost-effective manner.

In our 30th year of operation as an air ambulance company, AeroCare has flown more than ten thousand patients in need of air medical transportation, throughout both the United States and internationally. Read what our customers are saying about AeroCare.

Our medical crew includes some of the most experienced critical care nurses and 911/trauma paramedics in the industry. AeroCare’s fixed wing aircraft / jets feature state-of-the-art medical equipment, and are equipped to supply the same level of care that one would see in a hospital ICU.

24/7 Communication Center

Licensed Medical Professionals

Innovation & Comfort in the Air

30+ Years of Experience

Providing Flights Worldwide

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Well Versed Medical Crew

The aero-medical crew consists of a registered critical care flight nurse and flight paramedic as standard composition, however, other disciplines may be utilized to provide clinical assistance depending on the needs of the patient. AeroCare medical crews provide Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS, and Critical Care (CC) and may perform advanced critical care skills when indicated utilizing Standard Medical Orders approved by the Program Medical Director and applicable EMS System Physician(s).

AeroCare’s medical crews’ are highly trained in ACLS and PALS algorithms, critical care physiology and emergent pharmacological agents with didactic and clinical education processes encompassing a myriad of critical care educational topics to include but not limited to: cardiac, neurological, airway and invasive procedures.

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