CAMTS Accreditation

The Most Important Accreditation

AeroCare Medical Transport, Inc. manages a fleet of medically configured aircraft, the safest in their class, exceeding industry standards by having achieved accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS – as well as having incorporating an in-depth Safety Management System (SMS), with continued quality management indicators that are measured on each mission. As a CAMTS accredited organization, audits are performed regularly to guarantee our company upholds all Accreditation Standards set by the CAMTS Board of Directors. These standards look at medical, quality assurance, communications, aviation, maintenance and safety. The Standards are the core element to the CAMTS program, which declares that the highest priorities for medical transport services companies are “patient care and safety of the transport environment”.

In some instances, CAMTS standards have been adopted by various states that have elected to regulate the air ambulance industry, and are used by the Department of Defense as well. Most states, however, remain unregulated and by choosing a provider that has not been CAMTS accredited, means you will be flying with a company with no accountability to proper safety, medical and operational protocols.