AeroCare Personnel

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M.D., FACEP – Program Medical Director
Dr. Morales is a 1993 Graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He has been a Board Certified in Emergency Medicine since 1999. He currently serves as the Medical Director and Department Chair of Emergency Medicine at Silver Cross Hospital, a Level II Trauma Center in New Lenox, Illinois. Dr. Morales is also the Vice President of EM Strategies, an Emergency Department management corporation based in Illinois. Dr. Morales has extensive experience in process development and the application of Crew Resource Management concepts to the Emergency Department and countless CQI projects. Dr. Morales personally oversees every flight at every base to ensure the highest level of care is ensured. He spends time with the crews pre-flight to develop a personalized plan of care that complements our standard set of medical orders. Dr. Morales spends time every month educating the crews on topics related to aeromedicine, critical care and emergency medicine through lectures and hands-on simulation within the aircraft to give them a feel for the environment at 40,000 feet and potential issues they may encounter and how to best work through them. Additionally, he has worked with a number of the discharging physicians to provide insight into our environment and assure them that their patients will be cared for by our highly trained teams at the highest level.
President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Cece's primary role is to oversee all daily operations of AeroCare working closely with all of AeroCare’s Senior Management Team members to form a cohesive group focusing on common goals of safety and delivery of the highest level of quality patient care.

Mr. Cece's experience includes over 25 years in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) when he started his career as a 911paramedic. In 1990 Mr. Cece became an entrepreneur by purchasing a private ground ambulance, which he successfully grew and later sold to a publicly-traded national provider during the time when the ground ambulance industry underwent consolidation. Mr. Cece has always been an avid aviation buff and felt the transition from ground to air was a natural course. The combination of his EMS expertise and business savvy led him to start AeroCare. In its 22nd year of operation, AeroCare continues to be a leader in aeromedicine with multiple bases throughout the U.S.

RN, MSN, MBA, APRN, FNP-BC Vice President, Clinical Operations

Ms. Werth is a veteran AeroCare Flight Nurse who works with Dr. Morales to oversee the clinical operations for AeroCare’s flight program. As a member of the Senior Management team, her daily duties include overseeing all regulatory compliance, risk management, crew education, quality assurance, and Reimbursement. Ms. Werth is well prepared for this position with extensive clinical and administrative healthcare experience. A board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Ms. Werth also has an extensive background as an emergency room nurse and has held several executive level management positions with major HMO providers and medical suppliers. Her tenacity and ability to understand the requirements of key regulating agencies was the driving force in AeroCare achieving full accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS), the highest honor in the fixed-wing air ambulance industry. Becky now serves as a CAMTS Site Surveyor for other transport programs. Ms. Werth has spoken on a national level related to a myriad of fixed-wing topics and is actively involved in educating nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists on critical care and the effects of fixed-wing transport and has written several articles and national publications within the aeromedical industry.

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